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  1. Yep, got it done! Well, I haven’t installed the new one yet but I got the existing one off and the receiver all cleaned up. Thank you everyone for all your feedback and help!! I think this was the fist time I actually got great help using a forum before. So glad I asked. You guys rock 🔥🤘🏼🔥
  2. Jolly ranger. Ok. I just am a little on edge about This process. Thanks for the reply
  3. Ok. So Im having issues getting the receiver solidly secure in my vice. the jaws are I think are a little narrow. and I need to adjust the height. I did end up buying a MAP torch and I have a infrared heat reader so I'm go to go with heating. But, I think I would like your instructions on removing the lock nut and recoil tube for sure. I tried to get it hot but not sure how hot is enough or too hot. Because it didn't budge and I don't want to over heart the receiver.
  4. Hey Strangerdanger; Hey man I got my recoil tube in and I am ready to take the old one off. I did find an old form post that you gave instructions to someone else and read the whole thing. It sounds pretty straightforward. The new recoil tube I received has the spring and all that stuff already in it, so I don’t need to remove the internals from the existing one. I can literally just swap tubes. So it sounds like all I really need to do is heat the locknut and be careful and go slow trying to remove it, clean the threads and install the new one to the same depth as the existing one was which looks pretty much flush on the inside. Time the recoil tube with the buttstock installed so you can make sure it’s straight and then tighten the locknut down. Is that pretty much the jist of it? I will obviously add new Loctite to the threads but it sounds like that’s pretty much all I have to do right? Is there a specific foot pounds of torque for the locknut or do I just tighten it snug by hand and be careful not to over tighten it?
  5. Thanks, guys!! Yeah, I would totally love some help with that "StrangerDanger". I have a heat gun that's rated for 700-1000 degrees so hopefully that will be good enough. Is there any other tools needed. I ordered a new Benelli M1014 3 position recoil / Adjustment Tube so im gonna be waiting to do this until I get it. It might be a little while though it sounds like. Im hoping it will fit and swap right in. I'll say something here once I get it. I found this on the web "M4 Lock Nut For Adjustment Tube" am I gonna need this or will the one on the shotgun now the same?
  6. Hey everyone. I just bought a brand new M1014 limited edition model, and as I was inspecting it I noticed that it does not have the 3 position recoil / Adjustment Tube! WTF! I thought the M4's all come with the 3 position recoil / Adjustment Tube on it. Does anyone know why mine does not? Im pretty upset about it.
  7. Thanks for your input. When you said “Early units shipped with the "low recoil" problematic barrel. Recent shipments are going out with the heavy, screw in choke version.” What exactly are you talking about? What exactly was the “early problematic barrel” & what does that mean? And how do you know if your getting the “recent” heavy, screw in choke version, or not? Is a heavy screw in choke barrel better than a fixed modified barrel? Why does the military version have that vs a screw in choke version?
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