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  1. ya i picked up one a short while ago to install on my mesa urbino stock but discovered that it currently won’t work as is. because of the shortened length if the urbino that center hole on the qd plate would need to be opened up to accommodate the diameter of the stock tube where on an oem benelli stock it would sit just behind. right now its sitting in a box while i decide what to do.
  2. on the optics planet sight these look silver in color. https://www.opticsplanet.com/noveske-benelli-qd-sling-plates.html?_gl=1*rhsvi4*_ga*YW1wLTRXdzI5SFBBaU9aNk9XR2h3TVlRZThxM1ZuUlVldy10TU5BTVBXSVZTMkZSSG9BZ1NYQ0xlYmFtbFpfeHdNa0w. is yours black, or is it just the lighting in the picture. if i can get it in black i will get it on backorder right now.
  3. in that last pic, is view of the rear ghost ring sight obstructed/blocked by the mount or bottom of the sro itself.
  4. is this still available?
  5. quote “it puts the red dot a hair above the front site and I mean a hair. pretty much perfect.” could u possibly post a pic of your sight picture? the scalarworks website puts the trijicon rmr dot within/in-line with the stock ghost ring sights.
  6. if you’re still looking for one, i have a mesa tactical 6-round side saddle I would be willing to part with. btw I’m in San Diego.
  7. it does. after placing an order for mine, I found one in the marketplace in another forum im a member in and bought that. after getting the spring and follower on ebay im basically in for what i would’ve paid carrier comp without the wait. so i canceled my order.
  8. Howdy. just got my first m4. couldn’t help myself and picked up a few upgrades while it was in 10-day hold (I’m in California). haven’t got around to firing, been busy. upgrades purchased: mesa tactical urbino stock mesa tactics urbino stock pocket push button sling adapter carrier comp 7-rd tube wolff spring ndz performance aluminum follower, orange Freedom Fighter Tactical charging handle, 3/4” GG&G Tactical bolt release pad other upgrades interested in: Trijicon RMR and Scalarworks mount light and mount
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