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  1. Perfect, got it off. Much thanks. Now to find a smith.
  2. Yeah, Cali pinning. I removed the cheek shroud, but couldn't figure out next. I was knocking out various pins, but you're saying just go at the button itself?
  3. Anyone have any clues on how to remove the button on the collapsible stock?
  4. Here's some images for reference. You can see clearance with IWC mount and how my X300U hits it. Also, if you were planning on throwing in some railscales or the like, there's a screw that interferes with one of the mlok slots.
  5. Just want to say that the 8" handguard doesn't interfere exactly with the IWC multilight mount... You can have both, but depending on what kind of light you have, it might interfere. I had a Surefire X300U on there and it won't fit. I was going to return the handguard, but decided to buy a proper scout light and see if it'll work and throw the x300u on my pistol. I do like that these semi wrap around the top so helps with barrel heat protection.
  6. Also, my suspicion is they're simple drop ship distributors. Nothing wrong with that as that's a model used by nearly all OEMs. However as they are basically middleman brokers and don't stock locally, shipping would be at the mercy of the OEM. Not a big deal if not in a rush and gladly take the MSRP discount.
  7. I did, but cancelled that order cause it looked like it wouldn't work with my IWC front sling/scout mount. Going Agency instead. However, I did order a bunch of other stuff from them and received in a week from ordering.
  8. They're GTG. Actually did a little research and they're part of SMPInvestimenti which is the company that runs Briley's e-commerce. I already got my order from them from when I ordered some stuff back during the 4th.
  9. I didn't use the stock spring retainer as I have their one shot extension to even out length paired with the stock Benelli breacher muzzle brake.
  10. I've bought a few stuff from them without issue. Most recently last week a surefire x300u and took only a few days to get shipping info. They're GTG.
  11. I wonder if we might see some QC problems with covid era production runs due to unprecedented working environment. Might someday be seen as an "avoid this range of serial numbers" situation for weapons made during this time.
  12. If you don't leave your gun out in the sun for extensive periods of time or shoot mostly indoors, it won't be a problem, but coming from the aftermarket auto industry, we see a lot of cheaper CF parts turn gold over time from UV. Won't have any performance problems and weight savings is easily worth on the M4, but aesthetics will suffer. Getting a UV treated clear coat will help and also smooth out some of the roughness with CF strips.
  13. The Briley 1 shot extension tube is better than the Nordic solution that needs you to also buy the coupler.
  14. I have that tube and a couple things I didn't like about it... Looks to be layered CF strips instead of a full CF sheet. Also isn't UV treated so will golden over time. I had my local auto shop spray some UV clear on it to protect the tube. Also that tube is cheapest here: https://www.performanceshootinghq.com/fulllengthbenellim4carbonfibermagazine.aspx 15% off with code summer15off and free shipping.
  15. Another option is the Briley trigger group. Heard nothing but good things. Many don't like the trigger color, but they have trigger shoes you can get to cover up.
  16. Performance Shooting HQ has this (and a ton of other Benelli Briley gear) on sale for 15% off with code "summer15off". Free shipping and no tax (although you might get charged tax if in Texas). https://www.performanceshootinghq.com/brileyhandguards.aspx
  17. Thanks, that was it. I was trying to get cute with my Wiha PH1 screwdriver, but should have just rammed a full size screwdriver in there
  18. @StrangerDanger Do you know if the factory screw is loctited or something? Having a hell of a time unscrewing it and worried about stripping the head.
  19. Keep an eye on Reddit r/gundeals. M4 popped up a couple times. It was $1613 shipped a few weeks ago.
  20. Yeah, I saw that 4 gas barrel issue, but thought that was only on early model M4s and not M1014?
  21. Hello, sorry if this has been answered (searched and went though 30 pages worth).... Looking to purchase and have an opportunity to get a first gen M1014. I know all about the cosmetic and stock differences, but is there any real functional/resilience difference? Any improvements made in the nearly 2 decades? Am I GTG picking it up, or should I be on the lookout for one of the newer model year?
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