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  1. What’s the cost to have the M4 completely NP3 coated?
  2. What’s the cost to have the M4 completely NP3 coated?
  3. If it isn’t sold I’ll take it! PM sent
  4. I stopped doing business with Benelliparts.net a while ago because of his terrible business practices. Called Benelli about him and everything. They told me he’s “on their radar” and most certainly NOT an authorized dealer and is illegally using their trademark on his site. Buyer Beware with this dude.
  5. SureFire M300C w/ IWC light mount OR SureFire Fury DFT w/ AVA Tactical light mount?
  6. Hey, picked this mount up the other day and it didn’t come with box/instructions. Trying to figure out if my Surefire Fury DFT will fit or if I need to buy a different light. My concern is the apparent gap on one side (see pic). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. My M4 is mostly going to be for SHTF senarios and/or home protection. Already have a RMR on Scalarworks mount, IWC light mount w/ Surefire M300, and Magpul sling. Bandolier or Side Saddle? Why/why not? (Toss in a pic of your current M4 setup for bonus points!!!)
  8. @CobraBG Yea I meet the guy yesterday and bought it for $1,800 with the optic/ammo/case/sling/etc. Took all that junk off and gave it a good cleaning. She’s looks pretty next to my 11715.
  9. You only live once, so what the hell.
  10. @StrangerDanger Thanks for the info, you were spot on...it’s 1.5 hours away (one way) and $1,800. Just out of curiosity, what’s would a fair price be on the NP3 version (if I could find one)?
  11. What would be a fair price for this “like-new” (40-50 rounds through it) Benelli M4 H20? Was told the Aimpoint 5000 optic could be included for the right price.
  12. Soooo...anyone have an AVA mount they’d be willing to sell?
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