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  1. @CobraBG Yea I meet the guy yesterday and bought it for $1,800 with the optic/ammo/case/sling/etc. Took all that junk off and gave it a good cleaning. She’s looks pretty next to my 11715.
  2. You only live once, so what the hell.
  3. @StrangerDanger Thanks for the info, you were spot on...it’s 1.5 hours away (one way) and $1,800. Just out of curiosity, what’s would a fair price be on the NP3 version (if I could find one)?
  4. What would be a fair price for this “like-new” (40-50 rounds through it) Benelli M4 H20? Was told the Aimpoint 5000 optic could be included for the right price.
  5. Soooo...anyone have an AVA mount they’d be willing to sell?
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