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  1. I followed the thread posted by StangerDanger. It worked out exactly how he described. even the 1/16 initial turn. it turned and stopped. glad I read the whole thread. I have the H20 and it discolored the finish but that 5 Rnd mag will probably never see daylight again so I'm not overly concerned. I heated the mag tube only. no need to heat anything else. I didn't add the thread locker on the new Carrier comp Mag. I'll check it as I use and clean. If I see it's loosening all add blue loctite. Thanks for the info SD. It went A to B. Pics for y'all because...who doesn't like
  2. Got my TTI CH yesterday. compared to stock it's a better feel. the fine groove knurling is really nice. good grip. I have big hands but didn't want something grossly bulky. This is smaller then expected but will work well.
  3. Thanks, they are about an hour away from me.
  4. I am installing a TTI bolt release and find myself without the required tools. …I have 4-40 tap, need 5-40 tap. same scenario with the drill bit. however I did start with a small pilot hole first. I ordered the tap and drill bit on amazon as nobody local had it on the shelf. I have a ton of tap & die and 2 tons of drill bits...none the right ones.. If I am to invest into more of both, what do you Gunsmiths recommend. primarily the drill bits. before ya say it, Yes I know about the no drilling bolt release assembly. I just like to be difficult LOL. Hey thank you for any in
  5. wow, thats better then 1300 on GB
  6. That's a damn nice rifle, If I hadn't purchased 3 pistols and the M4 in the last 5 months I may have paid the fiddler (GB) price.
  7. Just received the A&S trigger guard. need trigger options or do I just polish the factory assembly. Waiting on Carrier comp mag tube. Kip said 3 months. I have the Briley one shot extension so what's a good choke for fit and 00 buck/slug I'm pretty good with iron sights, what's the advantage of a red dot ? Trijicon 3moa What else am I missing other then bolt on accessories. just encase we actually have a zombie apocalypses. bolt release, safety, charging handle (TTI)
  8. BigJoe365


    That's just good business. the 2020 corvette has a 30k mark up over sticker at every Chevy dealer, the GMC Sierra AT4 has a 5k mark up at my local GMC dealer. I asked them direct, your putting a mark up because what? you can get an extra 30k out of a buyer so why not ? His answer...Yep. I walked away. left him standing there with a stupid look on his face. I wont by anything from a dealer that does that. I paid the GB price for M4 because everybody was showing sold out and honestly, who knows what is going to happen when trump wins again..
  9. BigJoe365


    I am shocked it took that long, I paid 2800 for mine on GB. someone got a great deal. rephrase: you gave someone a great deal.
  10. Thank you, I'm finding a ton of info here. I'm also spending a small fortune on this shotgun with all the recommended upgrades. Briley, TTI, Carrier comp, Trijicon, A&S ect... I did receive my Vickers padded sling yesterday. I've learned a lot about proper cleaning, function, shot shells ect. Grateful for all the info.
  11. OMG what an ammo eater. This thing spit shells fast. I ran a few different ammo types through it fairly fast. 5 different targets, fast trigger pulls 5 for 5. I was singing. You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey You're as sweet as strawberry wine... Bottom line, worth every penny. I paid GB pricing buy it now, still worth it.
  12. I have the MS4 QDM Magpul sling on my AR. I agree with Evolution, It's a very nice, well made sling with quick connect points and two positions. I ordered a Vickers sling on Amazon that delivers in a week to 10 days. pretty basic, 80 bucks. I'll compare the two. Below is the link for the BFG on Amazon & the Magpul sling https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0077E5DNG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://magpul.com/catalog/product/view/id/6382/s/ms4-qdm-sling/category/52/
  13. Found this on Benelli website under FAQ, good info on chocks here. https://www.benelliusa.com/support/faq#:~:text=A cylinder choke is recommended,tighter than those listed here.
  14. BigJoe365


    You may want to hold that thought. You could be buying them back at $3. the online stores show no stock because they are all getting top dollar on GB.
  15. I ordered the BFG padded on Amazon. one week for delivery. lets see if that timeline holds.
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