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  1. For sale. Black Briley Charging Handle. Little to no salt. One of the four charging handles I ordered just to see which I'd like best. Quality piece and won't tear up your hand at all. https://www.briley.com/p-56884-briley-bolt-operating-handles-12-gauge-fits-m4.aspx $25 shipped.
  2. Second piece is the cap. Don't believe they sell just the one piece by itself without the cap... So yeah, you might be covering up the silver with a silver cap *shrug*
  3. Yeah, I've currently got a Briley on it... Wanted to try something with a bit of knurled as the Briley gets a little slick with sweat shooting in the desert. I'll be selling one or the other pending comparison. End of the day.. I'm sure both are quality and I'm chasing a .000001% improvement... But whatevs... I'm OCD like that.
  4. If anyone is on the fence about this (like I was), there's a 20% off labor day sale now with code "LDS20". That pushed me to give the new version a shot.
  5. I use Wiha. Not the most expensive, but still good german quality tools.
  6. aznwhip

    Carbon fiber M4

    That's not a wrap... That's a CF cover on the stock and probably a full replacement on the handguard. You can tell by the edges. Wraps also aren't that glossy. I've had CF parts fabricated before on automotive... It's expensive if you're making a mold, but if they just laid the CF over the stock OEM part, not too bad.
  7. I mean... It is a dark day for us Californians since Becerra issued the en banc review request, so he's probably drinking... Heavily.... That said, yeah no excuse. He's not a real "store" in any traditional sense though so probably wasn't ever schooled in the finer points of customer service... More a guy who knows a guy in Italy and has a website and a garage.
  8. Sorry to be that guy.... Buuuut.... trigger discipline.....
  9. Nice... I don't dislike my Briley handle, but admit I always liked the look of the TTI the best and would have gone that direction if it wasn't for all the negative reviews. I might pick one up just to play with.
  10. You have a sku for the new version? Or are all new orders going to be the fixed version?
  11. There's no wiggle on mine at all.
  12. http://www.kygunco.com/Product/View?ItemNo=26673&utm_source=KyGunCo Marketing&utm_medium=Website&utm_campaign=Notify Me In stock now. I ordered mine from them back in May and took 2-3 weeks.
  13. US Peacekeeper is widest scabbard I could find. Fits charging handle and RDS and long enough to fit with OEM muzzle brake. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079TW8XM2/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_rqjnFbSCBAJX6
  14. Using a Scabbard for now.... Because I'm waiting for the Benelli scoped rifle case to come back in stock.
  15. California sadness. $50 each from a machinist (Arrow Machining in Anaheim for fellow freedom fighters) so not too bad. They had to go buy a specialized tap because the button is heat treated and a bitch.
  16. They also offer a trigger shoe if you don't like the gold.
  17. Sitting in queue right now. Many have done it here. People I've talked to love it. I went with a SLOP
  18. M1014 isn't adjustable, but yes, you can throw on a collapsible stock.
  19. aznwhip

    M4 Final Setup

    According to their Instagram post, all made in US.
  20. Make sure the spring is fully in the follower cavity and not caught on the follower edge somehow?
  21. This is for reference if anyone's curious on clearance. Scout light clears the handguard when mounted on the pic rail, but not straight up scout mount. I've got an angled Arisaka mount coming so I can play around with it a bit more. Still waiting for my Cloud Defensive LCS mount for UE-07.
  22. They've been backordered for a while. A shipment did go out to Canada for order though for one of Agency's distributor. They say should be going out soon, but first wave will be going out to their distribution hub rather than for sale direct. I have other Agency products and they make quality stuff.
  23. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=1059461 I guess doesn't necessarily need to be a "gun"-smith
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