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  1. I recently put on one of Socomguys tubes. Originally I tried the OEM spring, because I read they used the same one as in the full length tube. That was a big fail (FF). I replaced the OEM with a CC and now running flawless.
  2. Did you talk to SOCOMguy, whose post was just above yours. He just made a titanium Cerakote tube for me, perfect color match. Pictures in this thread:
  3. I have been lurking and learned a lot since purchasing my M4 a few months ago. Today I installed one of SOCOMguy’s (of this forum) 7 round mag tube today. When I first got a hold of him he had several black ready to roll out the door. I wanted to match my Titanium Cerakote, so he had a custom coating done and the color match is PERFECT. I just wanted to post a few pics so anyone looking at their options can see what it looks like installed. The install went smooth, thanks to being prepped with information found here. I also added the FFT forends and follower for 922R compliance. I think i
  4. Just this week had my first 'fail to cycle' shells. Fiocchi Defense 00. This gun has only had a few hundred rounds run through it. I have a box of the Fiocchi left, maybe I'll give it another try after a few hundred more rounds of heavier stuff.
  5. New M4 owner here. First, thanks for a great resource, I already feel familiar with a lot of the M4 stuff from reading up on this forum. I just want to add to the list of 'long' 2 3/4" shells beside the Federal. When I picked up the gun, I grabbed a few boxes of the ONLY shells they had which are Sellier & Bellot Buck Shot. It's a 9 pellet 00 buck. These shells measure in about the same as the Federal at 2.37" and I can only fit 4 of 5 into my stock magazine. With a little encouragement from this thread, I am working up the courage to trim the spring, but wanted to run some rounds thr
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