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  1. notoryus

    Cycle issues

    Cool. Fair enough. I actually shot a variety of ammo already. Slugs, 00, #4 bucks, low recoil bucks; none had issues. Only the rubber buckshot and this particular 00 buck I am having an issue with, both of them are fiocchi brand. I’ll keep a few to test every now and then as I rack up rounds. Thanks for the info, super useful!
  2. notoryus

    Cycle issues

    Yeah, i’ve search on reddit and this forum and it seems a lot of folks are having issues with it. I’ve run around 300 rounds on it, cleaned and lubed it too. I’ll try running these fiocchis again. ps. Not blaming the gun. You just assumed I was.
  3. notoryus

    Cycle issues

    I am having cycling issues with fiocchi 00 buck home def. most of the time, they won’t eject or cycle. Anyone here having the same issue? here’s a pic where it didn’t eject fired shell: https://ibb.co/k2sQHK4
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