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  1. The offset light mount attached to the picatinny rail was not as ergonomically clever as I hoped, so a simple application of electric cable wraps being employed for installation worked great for this particular light. This should be considered for the OP's project for it's simplicity. I used a simple backing plate tapped and threaded for desired fastener or again use T-nut, for the mount. The Streamlight is $40! and can be cross decked to pistols etc.
  2. I recently converted a 14" Mossberg Shockwave to a BATFE registered AOW (any other weapon) with a lot of modifications to have a little varmint gun. There was no mounting options available for the OEM forearm with a curved surface to install a light, so I milled a flat and used 2 part epoxy & screws to mount a picatinny rail at 6 o'clock position. The four holes seen were mounting points for the OEM "strap"; these were filled with same JB Weld black epoxy and can barely be seen in finished photos.
  3. A few years ago I mounted a variety of picatinny rail mounts to the OEM two piece polymer rails. The simplest and secure manner I found was to use thru T-nuts, the hole has to be drilled precisely to fit the shaft of the T-nut to prevent any wobble, which could be corrected with 2-part epoxy if you need to. The Magpul switch mount could be installed likewise.
  4. I have always like the M4 Entry. The c-stocks are nice on an SBS. Hello, SD, it's been awhile !
  5. Carry on. Just experimenting with photo uploads on the new site format.....much improved.
  6. It is quite simple. IF you are purchasing the firearm from a reputable FFL in the locale of your domicile AND you personally don't have any legal liabilities from owning such firearm, no problem. IF you source the firearm from a non-FFL then you are responsible for knowing all applicable the Federal BATFE laws as well as the State / Local ordinances that apply to firearm sales, the most restrictive of the collective laws controlling its ownership legality in your locale. All the laws are now readily available for review at the click of a mouse.
  7. Hammer cocked and locked on insertion of the trigger group?
  8. Maybe the detent / spring are just full of crud and they and the channel that retain them may just need a good cleaning to allow the detent to have free full travel to engage the handle. Collectively, all the parts involved are a few bucks total. IF one desires a different handle, buy the parts and swap them out and see what happens. Carry on.
  9. My Plan A would be to gently open up / deepen the handle component and see if it helps. One can remove the bolt and insert the handle and observe exactly what the situation is. In my view the detent-handle engagement of the axle component of the handle is a non-load bearing surface that simply retains the pin in its lateral position thru the bolt; the actual axle of the handle bears all the load with retraction of the bolt, however its only with hand pulling rearward force, not a repetitive high speed violent impact on the axle part. So I don't think the surface hardening is particularly important at that engagement site. One only has to deepen one of the surfaces not both on the Carrier Comp; the G&G "spinner" however is a continuous circular detent. Due to part intolerances, the tip of the detent may not be engaging the handle recess correctly. Plan B addressing your correct observation about the limiting travel of the retaining pin, would be to fill in the handle recess with some JB weld, then incrementally enlarge the engagement until it felt like a solid fit.
  10. And finally, you might take a small round needle file and deepen the notch where the detent engages it.
  11. The 14" entry M4 has a smooth bore fixed Cylinder choke barrel.
  12. Doesn't anyone pick up a cell phone and call a business anymore ? Seems as though a recording of "This number is out of service" would be a more immediate concern and unanswered / delayed email messages.
  13. The "A" series of dating the Benelli's used 16 second letters in their codes, "B" series used 15 second letters in the codes, skipping some letters (highlighted) that have also been skipped to date in the "C" series of date coding. The "CS" would be a 2017 mfg. date code if the C series is going to follow the template of the B series coding.
  14. From the back of my load-out room a very rare M4 All Tactical limited edition. ACOG 6x48, RMR for inside 50 meters and Barry Dueck Offset BUIS.
  15. From the Benelli M1 Manual: Extensive testing in ballistics labs and repeated field-testing of our line produced weapons put at 180 kgm the lowest level of kinetic energy that must be generated by the cartridge 12 gauge and at 125 kgm for 20 gauge to fully cycle the action (the measurement was taken on a manometric barrel, according to at a velocity of V1 at 10 meter distance from the muzzle). Empirically, Benelli has determined the minimum threshold of kinetic energy required to cycle the bolt; the rest of the understanding is simple mathematics / physics. See thumbnail. KEMin = ½ m VMin2 KE=kinetic energy m=mass of gun V1 = Vmin = minimum cartridge power to cycle M1 action When the mass of the gun is increased = m2 ; V2 will be LESS than V1 Because V2 is less than V1, the minimum amount of kinetic energy to cycle the inertia bolt mechanism is not generated. The Benelli M1 20 gauge inertia bolt weighs 385 grams. Two 20 gauge cartridges weigh 65 grams Two shot magazine tube extension weighs 300 grams Total = 365 grams So, a 2 shot extension tube with cartridges is within 20 grams (2/3 of ounce) weight of the inertia bolt weight. The attached may assist in understanding how adding weight / mass to the inertia platform may interfere with reliable cycling operation. The 20 gauge M1 bolt weighs 385 grams; a 2 shot magazine tube extension weighs 300 grams Plus 65 grams for the 2 cartridges and you have 365 grams of extra weight; almost the weight of the bolt. Third parties cite Benelli sources as stating that ~ 500 grams of added weight (1.1 pounds) begins to reduce reliable function. A 12 gauge 2 shot extension and two 3" cartridges is just about 500 grams......again, just about the mass of the 12 gauge inertia bolt. So, the addition of the 2-shot extensions plus the cartridges do not exceed the bolt weight, but add a Picatinny rail and a light etc......therein the problems of operation may begin to be experienced.
  16. I just checked. I bought the Geissele hammers for $50 in 2013.
  17. The Geissele hammers are like fine vintage wine.....year matters. I might let this one age a little more at this $ pace.
  18. The problem with the Benelli M4 hand guard is its relative small size of real estate to get the tape switch mounted in an ergonomic fashion for thumb activation. The Hayle kit attachment project looks similar to a problem encountered when I had to fabricate a rail for a switch mount at 10-11 o'clock position on my 8" 9 mm SBR; had to get the light on the right side and away from the hand guard to make room for well, my support hand! The switch lead lengths were limiting my options to have the switch opposite side of the light mount and I wanted it to be QD. I used some T-nuts on the underside of the inner surface of the rail, like when I mounted a pica tinny on the OEM Benelli hand guard.
  19. The length of the Unity switch leads do not appear to very long to traverse right side to left side.... a hot barrel probably prohibits the lead to course it over the top of the hot barrel (short route) so underneath the magazine tube / hand guard is quite a bit longer route to a 9 -11 o'clock switch position ? In fact, in my experience short leads on most switches are the achilles of mounting them.
  20. Won't that be problematic for right hand shooter to activate the light without a tape switch of some type?
  21. Remember some heads have flat and radius surfaces that need to be considered to make them fit well. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3636[/ATTACH]..........;'''''
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