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  1. yes. keeps it from marring the receiver.
  2. It occurred to me that it would be a more refined installation without any regrets by employing a bushing (either nylon / aluminum) to eliminate any possibility of QD movement and thus should be included in the task. I chose aluminum. This would eliminate need for any thin nylon washers suggested the first time around and because the bushing is proud a few thousandths on each side, it will be the bearing surface for the backside of the QD cups. The bushing was gently tapped right in place, use a nylon head hammer to avoid marring your gun art. Final appearance looks like something the factory would envy functionally and aesthetically.
  3. I was minding my own business this morning and wondered myself how to make it a clean installation. I prefer the sling mount at the grip level as it balances better for me when used. I would keep it simple / inexpensive by just using asymmetric Magpul flush cups, both threaded. It does not permanently mar / modifiy the hole. Consider using a thin nylon washer on either side between stock finish and the cup surface.
  4. Early model S&W M&P pistols used small diameter solid pins to retain the extractor; like most mfg. a hydraulic arbor press with a few thousand psi runs thepin in perfectly within a matter of seconds, removing it was another matter. S&W eventually switched to a roll pin which is much easier to exchange; for the same reason SigSauer did similar pin conversions for their firing pin position retaining pin. For tight solid pins in particular, after applying some Kano Kroil for a few minutes, use the tapered starter punch (Wiha / Lyman / Proto make good ones) just to make the pin move a few millimeters, then switch to short shaft parallel punch then the longer parallel punch as needed; this sequence will save the thin punches from destruction. The silver lining is that you can take your bent pin, shorten it now and you will have the first member of your short punch set. The Rennsteig parallel punch set is clever in that an outer sleeve that supports the punch pin slides along its length, so you can begin with a "short" shaft punch exposed / supported so as you advance the length of the pin into the pin hole being removed, the pin hole walls themselves now continue to support the shaft of the punch. I made a set of brass roll pin punch holders.
  5. Pushed the roll pin out by hand as noted about, first step. Never used a nail as a punch. Notice that small diameter punches will deform like virtually every time use short shaft punches to get them started, note the short shaft roll pin punch used. You can get blank screwdriver handles and bore them to fit the punches when its not necessary or impractical to be beating on the punch with a hammer. I make a habit of using the correct punch application to avoid marring the gun art. Some examples of specific punches shown above.
  6. This is how I remove / install Benelli "Montefeltro type" rotating twin lug locking bolt head extractors.
  7. The forward end is a rivet the other end is a pin installation. Somebody just whacked it too much.
  8. Me and Ebenezer Scrooge replying from the 2012 grave yard! Get a Surefire Barry Dueck offset sight kit and your co-witness problems go to zero! run the optic you want.
  9. One of Aasgards best products was / is their forward shell holder. M4 14" Entry; Mossberg 590A1 14"' ; Wilson Combat Scatterguns Technology Remington 870 14" Vang Comp ported
  10. https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/benelli-m4-barrel-guide-ring.7076238/
  11. Some of my favorite non-hunting shotguns. The Spas-12 is one of the mechanically clumsiest shotguns ever designed. I authored an Anatomy Series Manual for the Spas-12 Improved Trigger Group, i.e. cross bolt design compared to the lever safety trigger group. FYI-The Franchi Spas 12 with lever-style safety is dangerous! Still searching for a Spas-12 "diverter" muzzle device.
  12. The 18.3 is the metric diameter of the bore, 18.3 mm = 12 gauge. PSF =Polvere Senza Fumo = Italian for smokeless powder gun proof mark.
  13. ^^........as long as it is NOT BATFE "contstructive posession".
  14. It is the collective Length of the UNFIRED "2-3/4" shotshells that determines the # shells that can be loaded in the magazine tube. The 2-3/4" standard is the chamber / breech aperture length that will accommodate expelling the OPENED UP / fired shot shell length. IF you choose to cut your magazine spring, than study the shortest 2-3/4" cartridge you will use and trim your spring accordingly.
  15. Use a standard ruler and measure from the mid portion of the bolt or open breech to the mid portion of the RMR roll cage. Done. It's not even necessary; as mentioned use 10-15 yards fire a couple of slugs and start turning the elevation dial to get within an 1" or so; then repeat at range you desire your zero.
  16. I have purchased a bunch of stuff from H&KP2000 over the years; buy with confidence. Just not a fan of 2-point slings on shotguns. Here's my QD single point setup on a 14" Entry.
  17. ..........and a few more. The Sig P220 was imported to Sig's first stateside location, Tysons Corner; it not longer exists.
  18. I'll play. Not a Sig fanboy however somehow I have ended up with a bunch of them, maybe my Navy use of them after the Beretta 92 and 1911's. Only have one 320 I run in a Safariland drop leg rig; ~ 6K rounds thru this one. Started life as a VTAC flat 7 lb trigger and too big grip modules, purchased all of them, ended up with a Wilson Combat. Use Safariland holsters for all of them.
  19. This 14" Wilson Combat Scattergun Technologies has a 8 MOA RMR that is more than adequate at expected range of engagements for a SBS. The factory barrel has been customized by Vang Comp to extend the forcing cone and porting. The M4 14" Entry is just as good with a 2 MOA Aimpoint, a bit quicker shot-shot due to ARGO auto system. IF I need a 100M slug shot with these boys, I picked up the wrong tool for the task. Just sayin'. Love the Asgaard Defense forward shell holders auto or pump.
  20. Yeah, this thread has been moribund for 7+ years. Yikes.
  21. ^^^ The dot size one views in the optic of various mfg.'s does not necessarily reflect the MOA representation, i.e. a 3.5 MOA dot viewed is not 1/2 the visual size of a 7 MOA dot/ triangle viewed.....thru the optic. The "red / orange / green dot-triangle " that is viewed is merely a representation of a 3.5" v. 7" impact probability at 100 yards. IF you take a 3.5 MOA optic and a 7 MOA optic and view a 6" plate at 100 yards, the 7 MOA dot will not obscure the view of the 6" plate; you would however be able to more accurately place your shot on the 6" plate with a 3.5 MOA viewed dot if the firearm was capable of that accuracy.
  22. SD- I fabricated a couple of simple tools that make installation / removal of the threaded plug a controlled situation for me. After removal of the retaining clip I use a twin lug screw driver fitted to the plug mortises. For installation I use a cut away hollow punch to compress the spring into position, capture it with a slave pin / punch, allowing plenty of room to get the threaded plug into position. Agree about removing the spring, as it will be trash from the heat.
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