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  1. I may have to look at that 6 position tube if anything. I rarely have time to fire the M4 sadly. When I last fired it, I don't feel the play in the stock when pushing against my shoulder. We'll see, next time I fire it, if I notice the play I may need to replace the tube with RxArms version. The thud should did have me worried though until I was told it's normal. I'm like damn... the thud doesn't seem good. If I fire, will the stock just slam into the firearm because it's not grabbing to the indents in the tube? Anyway, good to know it's normal. Again, when firing the firearm, the thud sound doesn't make itself known. Could be due to the fact, a big BOOM masks everything else around me lmao.
  2. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0029M2YWE?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details This is the one I got. Should be fine to store it in the chamber right? I just like firing the shotgun so the firearm isn't cocked and being stored.
  3. I was wondering if using snap caps to dry fire is okay to do? I've done it maybe 20 times so far? Just practicing reloading and shooting. I'm in Canada so to actually practice with live rounds, it's not so easy. Also, is it fine to store my Benelli M4 with a snap cap in the chamber? Thanks
  4. I gotta find a place here in Canada or Toronto that can do it. There was one place that was able to do it, but now they say they don't offer that service no more.
  5. My issue is, I live in Canada and I can't seem to find a website or place to buy OEM parts for the Benelli. Canada sucks It's kinda why I am concern with certain things regarding my shotgun. Also, do you guys store the gun with a snap cap in the chamber and firearm uncocked? I have dry fired my Benelli M4 maybe 20 times during ownership of December 2022. Few days ago I bought snap caps and dry fired a few times to get a feel of them. However, I wasn't sure if it was okay to store the firearm with it in the chamber. One last question... How is the coating on the barrel? My Briley 13" handguard scratched the barrel I oiled the shit out of the barrel now. Worried about rust. And considering it's hard to get OEM parts, it does worry me lol
  6. I bought mine last year in December. Maybe urs was built better? lol
  7. Thanks guys for the replies. I was a bit worried if something was wrong. Replacing parts on this Benelli seems to be difficult here in Canada. Not looking forward in hunting down parts if anything fails lol☹️
  8. I'm new to firearms, recently got my license to own one earlier this year. My first firearm is the Benelli M4. So far, I've only been able to fire 30 rounds through it. I'm hoping this winter to be able to fire more. I have 2 questions actually. My first question, is the stock suppose to have some sort of wiggle to it when you wiggle it left and right? Second question, when applying force towards the butt of the stock, I hear a thud sound when applying pressure to my shoulder. Anyone know what the thud sound is, and if it's normal to hear this. I basically pretend as if the shotgun is going off and the force is being sent to my shoulder. When I did fire the shotgun, I never noticed this. Anyhow, I figured to come here and ask people who have far more experience than I do. I'm from Canada, so that might answer a few questions regarding my post lmao. Thanks in advance. 20231114_023637.mp4
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