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  1. You should be alright. Your T2 will be a fine red dot, where as the tritium will be a dull green dot. If you end up hating it, you can always remove the iron sights pretty easily.
  2. The old model from like 15 years ago shipped with the wrong thread pitch screws and caused damage. The new ones should be fine. The saddle may leave some marks on the side of your receiver. The unit has a rubberized pad to help protect the finish, but it can still cause burnishing. Personally, I'd go with a velcro system over the Mesa saddle.
  3. Any kids in the house? How are you storing it in the house? Personally I leave it loaded with the safety on.
  4. I like that FFT bolt release. The checkering looks quite nice. I’ve burned my finger many times on the lines of the GG&G when moving too fast on the bolt handle. That pattern might be more forgiving?
  5. Yeah, he’s not right. That finish is microns thick. I’ve filed thru it a bunch doing loading port jobs. That handle has much more clearance than that in its normal position. When watching the receiver in slow-mo, you can see the receiver flex during recoil. If it was that tight, it would be making contact. If you try, you can force the handle past the detent and end up rubbing the receiver. This is the issue TTI had with their original bolt knobs. They were being over-inserted by the end user or being pushed in during transport. It caused a lot of damage too. I’m not a fan of the 3/4
  6. Yikes. Not an issue with the thickness of Cerakote. The bolt handle was likely over inserted past the detent notches. No idea about the wear at the front of the ejection port. It’s possible it was done while in some kind of storage case. Even his handguards look a little wonky to me?
  7. If you push the follower in with your pointer finger, are you feeling anything other than the steady spring resistance?
  8. It’s definitely not an exact fit. The QD socket from IWC wasn’t made for the Benelli, it was just found to work on it. So on one side you’ll have their spacer that acts as a washer on the opposite side of the QD socket. The QD socket will then snug up into the sling loop and be held tight against the stock.
  9. Hard to tell from the photo. What I would do is take it to the range a fire it. Inspect the primer hits to be sure they’re solid hits. You could swap handguards back to oem if you want a direct comparison of the primer hits.
  10. The Midwest ones are also stripped. Which generally is no big deal, but recovering the flexible ring from your existing receiver extension is a pain in the ass. You have to cut a notch into the race channel with a rotary tool so that you can slide a punch/pick beneath one end of it in order to dislodge it. Or buy the flexible ring elsewhere.
  11. It looks too long to be an entry model. I don't think they make that model yet.
  12. Bet they sent you one for a different model.
  13. Post pictures when you get it done. Not too many people have gone that route, but it was the base for the M4A1 concept that Benelli was floating for a while. This tutorial guide will make your life a lot easier.
  14. Yes. You’ll see what they call the 5 position receiver extensions listed for sale.
  15. Sounds like you have a good base going. The M2 certainly has more perceived recoil than a M4 due to its lighter weight and action differences. What you can try is the push/pull technique Rob Haught taught. With this, you push forward with your support arm and pull inward with your trigger hand. The overall goal is to keep the buttpad seated in the pocket of your shoulder firmly. You don’t want to be too far over onto the chest either. Make sure the buttpad is fully seated against the pocket. If you have the top or bottom edge of the pad hanging in the air, you’re going to be sending more recoi
  16. A lot of the time it comes down to shooting technique. No one wants to hear they’re doing something wrong. Guys sometimes get all butt hurt when I’m instructing and trying to correct a bad habit they have. I have plenty of bad habits myself. Especially when we can’t shoot as much as we should. It’s not so much a matter of strength. I see it a lot of the time on the range. People allow the shotgun to push their shoulder around. When you’re braced up on the shotgun, you want to provide a solid base for it to recoil against. Not only will the firearm cycle better, but you’ll return to target
  17. I used their supplied spring. I don't know if it is a different weight. Like maybe they calculated the weight of the pad into the spring rate? I'd guess either would work fine once set correctly.
  18. There is a good thread about the clones over at arfcom. Most of them seem pretty solid.
  19. Chances are you didn’t get the spring seated properly in its little notch. The latch pivots on the pin so it isn’t a straight in and out sweep when the latch is moving around. This picture might help you see where the spring should be set:
  20. 5/40 tap and a #38 drill bit. I put one on once, wasn’t a fan of it. It sticks out pretty far off the receiver.
  21. I think they both are bearing parts. Once you let off the button, the post engages one of the notches on the extension.
  22. The adjustment button on the collapsible stock is one of the most hardened pieces of steel I have ever encountered. It wasn’t done like that on accident.
  23. The heads remind me of a story from my youth. When I was around 14, in the early 1990's, I was out camping in the Mohave Desert at an abandoned mining camp out near where Manson was hiding out. Rumor has it that they had stayed at this particular cabin. We were camping on the tailings of one of the mines about a half mile from the actual camp which had a cabin and a small bunk house. The bunk house was a wooden structure with several bunk beds and old mattresses in it. The windows had this semi transparent greenish plastic covering them so they didn't let much light in. You'd never want t
  24. GrandThumb recently posted a video having fun with several firearms to test on synthetic skulls to see what would happen with various calibers. The Benelli M4 nicely outfitted comes out near the end to see what a slug will do. Don’t visit if you hate fun and humor.
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