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  1. You can place back orders with Limbsaver directly. The last few I ordered on back order only took about 5 weeks to get.
  2. Hard to say. It would be a very niche product. Probably why Noveske dropped theirs. I’d just stick with the 10403 model for now. It’s a massive improvement over the oem pad and no adapters are necessary.
  3. Not that I know of unfortunately. I’ve sent emails to Limbsaver to try to get them to build a model for the M4, but no luck so far.
  4. The 10810 model is too large. If doing the AirTech, you want the 10807. Problem is you’ll need a Noveske adapter plate which aren’t made anymore. The 10403 will fit just fine. It’s the standard pad, not an AirTech. I compared al the models Limbsaver makes, and none of the AirTech models match up with the 10403.
  5. I didn’t like the position of the Mlok segments. They put them right where you’re going to be holding the rail. So if you mount a light, it’s going to interfere with your grip. The Briley rail seems better executed, but it’s also twice the price.
  6. I hope to get out soon with these kits. Shouldn't be an issue. I don't think the screw inside the stock goes in very far considering how few full turns you get on the stock when installing it to the extension.
  7. Maybe try PM’ing him. He might get an email notification of the PM. Steve
  8. Serious. I’d buy a second, but I don’t want to deal with that customs crap again.
  9. NoTycoon - I’ll take it if you do GayPal Friends and Family.
  10. Bandolier. Carries more ammo. Keeps the weight off of the gun. Easy to stage bandoliers in the house if needed. Full of buckshot: Full of steel sabot slugs:
  11. Agreed from a cosmetics position. The burnt bronze looks better than I expected. Looks great on the H2O too.
  12. Like the title says, I have four carriercomp items for sale. Skip the long wait. Current tube deliveries are estimated to be in December. The only reason they’re being sold is I moved to a lighter weight Briley carbon fiber tube. 1. carriercomp 7 round titanium magazine tube, NP3+ plated, you can’t get these plated anymore. Minor stuffs on the tube under the handguards, internal tube polished - 300.00 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Milspec has dibs if he wants it first. 2. carriercomp 7 round titanium magazine tube, Burnt Bronze Cerakote, new Briley spring, internal tube polished - 230.00 shipped shipped via USPS Priority Mail. 3. carriercomp 7 round titanium magazine tube, DG black finish, new Briley spring - 230.00 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. 4. carriercomp Top Rail, comes with screws and washers. Super rare. Haven’t seen one in years. 110.00 shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
  13. If I’m understanding what you’re saying; the hammer is only engaging the Disconnector when you are holding the trigger to the rear? This is how it is meant to function. You wouldn’t want the Disconnector engaging when the trigger is not being pulled. As you release the trigger, you should hear the hammer click as it disconnects from the Disconnector and engages the sear on the trigger.
  14. Great shots. You could grind that 28 dollar rail scale to avoid contact with that screw. I love those G10 scales. I use them on a lot of high end AR builds.
  15. You can do it, just avoid having you hands near the pistons or around the ARGO port in the front. You won’t see much action though. The pistons don’t move very much.
  16. I doubt the FFL will be willing to run it a second time with the social, but I suppose you could call and ask.
  17. I’m a FFL. Did you list your SSI on the form? If you have a common name, it can cause issues without the social. The ATF has been emailing me in the past week about an outage with their system. I believe it has been resolved. Does your state have a provision for using a CCW to bypass the background check? This is the best solution moving forward. It completely eliminates the need for involving NICS. I have had delays occur for 30 days in the past then show up as Proceed.
  18. Another nice thing about these Briley tubes is they ship really fast. No need to wait for months even right now during this retarded panic buying cycle.
  19. Scout: Could you cut the rail back to clear the Ava Mount?
  20. That 5 position receiver extension will only work with the Supernova collapsible stock. It has been used on the M4A1 concept model.
  21. On an NP3 build, I’d go with the stainless. Other builds I’d go black.
  22. Ordered two more carbon fiber tubes. One for my Burnt Bronze M4 and one for my brother-in-law’s all black M4.
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