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  1. Except you can't just buy a short barrel and slap it on a stamp-less gun. Owning both at the same time without a stamp is also super sketchy. Lastly, California has restrictions on working collapsible stocks and it is basically impossible to enter NFA territory here. soooo.... ugh yeah...😐
  2. FYI https://www.smith-wesson.com/safety-recall-notice-mp-12-shotguns
  3. Just stick with the supernova. Fabarm doesn't have good parts support or aftermarket. The SFT is just an evolved FP6 that Heckler & Kock used to import in. It has an action and operation very similar to the Remington 870; just a little more tacticool.
  4. Another member suggested a hose clamp on the recoil tube to disable the stock. I think that's a pretty good way as it is reversible and cheapo.
  5. My guess is that the tube is cut wrong at the factory.
  6. There's no screw on a the M1014. You probably saw somebody drill and tap the metal stock. You just push the button and find the notch and turn it. It is so simple.
  7. The whole thing is cast aluminum. That slot is not machined afterwards. So slight differences will happen.
  8. Back then you couldn't use yahoo or gmail and I had setup the verizon email. I didn't log in for a few years and forgot my password and couldn't reset when I switch email service... Saved myself a ton of money by not having access to Equipment exchange😆 for the deals.
  9. I am finishing up some other projects and then I'll make a very very small batch available.
  10. It can be a burr on the threads, I've seen it often on the tubes.
  11. So there was no snap ring inside? I was under the impression the screw was all damaged and that was the issue. You don't need the thread locker on this screw. It should unscrew easily.
  12. big oof. Exactly why I made my own screwdriver since I never found a decent one off the shelf. There should really be a M1014 armorer's tool in the box of every brand new M1014.
  13. Doge

    Rmr vs t2 for m4

    I had an LE discount available so picked one up with the mount. I dig it. But for T3 Micro I would like to see turret adjustment without caps. Perhaps flush like the Aimpoint ACRO or Trijicon SRO. Don't change mounts.
  14. going from plastic to metal you won't need anything.
  15. I am taking assembling a bunch of these tubes so I ended up making my own version: My prior solution was this Wera 16mm. You need to modify this to be 2mm thick. https://www.amazon.com/Wera-Sheet-Metal-Slotted-16-0mm/dp/B00A8QYK34
  16. Doge


    Just get the 15$ one. I used a cheap rail on my Supernova. It's a 500$ or less shotgun. No need to spend 1/5 the price of the gun when the rail sits on a plastic receiver anyways with a smoothbore barrel.
  17. I've found the metal trigger guards have a nicer, snappier safety button feel. The plastic version saves like 2 seconds on assembly because there is a removable washer for the carrier plunger. Very trivial differences for me so I would be okay with either.
  18. Made a few of these in free rotation and limited; feel free to use the idea:
  19. I picked up a few of the Midway. I love them. Fits my two folders just fine and can hold the bulky 12 gauge box magazines. Padding is just enough to not banging hard. but one should still handle with care as it is still a soft case.
  20. Somebody posted this for sale: Maybe somebody in the anodizing department got transferred from Beretta😆
  21. I am using the Ethos bolt handle on my M3s. looks good and has enough surface area.
  22. I am big a fan of grey. Or you can do a classic flat dark earth or olive drab.
  23. Doge

    M4 Picture Thread

    It is a very specific use case optic that has now been outpaced by the current offerings. I wouldn't recommend anybody to purchase it unless they are collectors. It goes really well with PDW type weapons because it weighs like nothing and has no protruding turrets snag-less profile for concealment. Aimpoint T-2 is cheaper and better nowadays. The Bundeswehr still issues them out on the G27.
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