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  1. They were good enough to reduce the shipping costs to $9.95 even after they shipped it 2 day. Be advised I did not opt for the two day shipping, their website automatically did that to my order.
  2. Good deal however shipping was excessive for two (>$42, WOW) plus the sales tax hit put each at $205.
  3. Color scheme will be all metal would be white, meaning everything (sights except the functional parts, bolt carrier, ch), with handguards and stock being pink. Buttpad and pg will have to remain black. But that doesn't matter, the concept is that varmints aren't very bright and the reaction(s) to be expected would run along these lines causing a hesitation: "Wait...what???" "WTF is that BRIGHT white and pink thing???" "WTH Is that, a gun or a toy??" "You can't be serious." A fraction of a second in hesitation could be the game changer when dealing with varmints. As for any embarrassment on my part, I'm all out of fcks so I have no fcks to give.
  4. I'm thinking about doing a Hello Kitty motif on one of my Benellis. What do you guys think?
  5. I monitor feebay and it appears feebay has started deleting C stock listings...you know, 'cause C stocks are evil of course.
  6. Brainfart...correction that'd be the Benelli 121M1.
  7. IMO the M121 beats the rest. Too bad Benelli no longer supports the M121, if so I'd still have M121s.
  8. A Benelli M4 recoil tube recently sold on feebay for $916 plus shipping and tax, can you believe that?
  9. No. Sold within three hours on feebay for $995.00 plus sales tax.
  10. C stock is sold. The last one I sold for $265.00 shipped and it only took six weeks of being listed on this forum. The buyer registered on this forum just to purchase the C stock and hasn't been back since then. I figured if someone wanted a deal on a Benelli item they'd show up on the Benelli forum. I was wrong. lol
  11. Cheapest C stock on gunjoker - $1,045.00 plus shipping and sales tax The only C stock currently listed on feebay - $1,000 plus shipping and sales tax, one sold yesterday on feebay for $990 shipped plus sales tax C stock still available for next day shipping, only $850 shipped, no sales tax.
  12. Oh, and FWIW I'm on record on this forum for selling a new Benelli M4 C stock at the lowest price EVER a few years ago so I don't think it's fair to get a ball busting over the cheapest price for a Benelli M4 C stock currently available.
  13. Well good for you, you apparently got a soon to be discontinued M1014 (which still requires the correct recoil tube for the C stock to function as intended). I gather you haven't scoped out current availability of Benelli M4 C stocks. My price is cheaper than any other genuine Benelli C stocks currently available by over $100 when sales tax is applied (referencing Gunjoker and fleabay) and Benelli Parts isn't taking 'pre-sale' orders at this time on an item that has a 2-3 month wait after ordering. Still available, free next day shipping for only $850.
  14. Most recent examples on fleabay have sold for $950+ including sales tax and shipping. C stock still available, next day shipping for only $850.
  15. Thank you for your kind words Jonathan and Stev. C-stock still available.
  16. Stock was removed immediately upon acquiring shotgun, never used, perfect condition. $850.00 shipped no fee PP.
  17. I've got a CC mag tube, a CC rail, and a CC charging handle. Great quality, worth the wait on the mag tube. Disappointed that there are no more charging handles.
  18. A good friend is in the safe biz. According to him during a large out of control forest fire in the next county over there were many who were disappointed with their 'fireproof' safes. The fire rating of any safe is based upon the fire dept. showing up and putting out the fire before the structure burns completely to the ground.
  19. Sukhoi_fan

    Old M4?

    Easy enough to check whether two port or four port, remove barrel from receiver, eyeball boresight it while pointed at a light source. If two port I suggest don't bother changing it out.
  20. If you have a tax stamp the Red Guards will be coming to your place first. Thanks for taking one for the team!
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