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  1. From what I gather the OEM rail is easily chewed up by a Larue mount. I use an A.R.M.S. mount without issues. I suggest trying whatever mount you prefer before buying something you may not really need.
  2. What ranges are you planning to be shooting at? 7.0 MOA = 7 inches at 100 yards, 3.5 inches at 50 yards, 1.75 inches at 25 yards, etc., all perfectly suitable for a shotgun. Quicker acquisition with a larger red dot.
  3. I see that there are some Black Aces 2 3/4" 1 oz. slugs with a MV of 1,650 FPS available now, some pretty hot ammo.😲 What are forum members' thoughts as to shooting this very hot ammo in a M4?
  4. Have you considered making an inquiry with the source, i.e. Benelli USA?
  5. In the past couple of months there's been 11 M4 field stocks listed and sold on feebay. If you're wanting one suggest you be patient and watch feebay listings.
  6. This isn't a "rough patch" we're experiencing. We're in the last battle, this nonsense isn't going to pass. The World Economic Forum has plans for us proles and the globalists have no intention of relenting in their drive to re-shape the world according to their 'vision'. If you're not one of the billionaires involved in this nonsense then tango sierra. I fully comprehend the circumstances however many don't. Willful ignorance is a dangerous thing. This tweet video was posted by the World Economic Forum shortly after the 2016 election. They took it down recently.
  7. FWIW I remember the Benelli C-stocks selling for the same amount or more as they are currently on feebay and gunjoker something like 8-10 years ago. The last OEM Benelli C-stock I sold I had posted on this forum for $265 shipped (was in excellent condition). It didn't sell for a six weeks. Times change, suggest you get over it.
  8. Failed to mention and as equally important as reliability, under stressfire and when hurt a pump shotgun can easily be short-stroked which can be a real problem. BTDT
  9. I have a M1014 two port barrel in excellent condition, complete assembly with barrel extension including ejector, front sight, pistons and gas plugs, ready to put to work - $425 shipped.
  10. Five hours later and they show to be out of stock.
  11. A friend is wanting to mount a light to his Benelli M1 Tactical he's had for about 20 years. What are his best options? TIA!
  12. There are several available currently on gunjoker, all at a premium.
  13. In Texas one can use deadly force on someone at night if one "reasonably believes" the varmint is making off with one's property*. In Texas one can use deadly force against an arsonist day or night. *Several years ago a repo guy in Houston was repossessing someone's pickup truck which the 'owner' was in the arrears on the note in the wee hours of the morning. The 'owner' (no one really owns any automobile via the CERTIFICATE OF TITLE scheme, the state actually owns the automobile) stepped out his front door with a 30-30 and took a shot at the wrecker driver fatally wounding him. The wrec
  14. A buddy of mine who owned a gun store for several years was telling me today that he understood that a Benelli M4 will still cycle with both pistons broken, that it was designed to still operate on blowback force when the gas system isn't working. Any truth to that? Has anyone ever tried shooting a Benelli M4 with both pistons out?
  15. www.ammoseek.com is your friend. Showing a handful of vendors with Federal Truball slugs.
  16. Unfired 21" Benelli M2 barrel with vented rib - $400 shipped Comfortech stock for M2, SBEII, and Super Nova removed from new Benelli M2, appears new, complete with buttpad - $245 shipped
  17. Yeah they do, but they're showing out of stock on all except the 4 round card for 12 ga. https://www.esstac.com/shotgun
  18. ALL Mossberg pump shotguns have a fatal flaw which can be addressed, but if not addressed it can and will result in a jammed shotgun action. That fatal flaw is that if it gets dropped, even from a relatively low height, it's very likely that the elevator will become dislodged from one or both holes where it rests in the receiver. I have a Mossy Shockwave. I've only dropped it intentionally from a height of ~12-14 inches onto a piece of carpet three times and two of the three times I dropped it resulted in the elevator popping out of position. I managed to get the elevator to pop back into plac
  19. The A.R.M.S. #31 mount works well and doesn't eat the OEM rail. I like the American Defense mounts but haven't tried one on a Benelli rail.
  20. Well that sucks. It's The Mother of All Psyops, sorry to hear you got the shaft so hard up the backside. This is the front end point of the tsunami where the ocean pulls back leaving no water on the beach so we're all going to get BOHICA'ed. This was totally planned as part of Agenda 2030, nothing at all natural about this. It's absolutely nothing like what we're being told, the NIH came out and 'fessed up two weeks ago that their BS test are giving 80% false positives. And oh yeah, the hospitals are getting 'grant' money for positive tests ($13k) and for deaths they attribute to testing posit
  21. Once in a while one turns up on feebay, suggest you monitor feebay.
  22. No, the M4 stock only fits the M4.
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