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  1. You've got a cool wife you lucky dog (so long as that's not a made up story like the bear attack story).
  2. Like SD, I owned a 121M1 beginning in '86 and ultimately owned three of those. Loved that shotgun, however by '09 I decided that due to lack of support (i.e. spare parts) it was time to let someone else enjoy the 121M1 and picked up my first M4. I've always appreciated Benelli autoloaders for their reliability and ease of operation under stressfire. It's extremely easy to short stroke a pump shotgun under stressfire especially if you're in shock due to injury. BTDT r
  3. You know you've hit the right temperature when it starts "smoking like a chimney." j/k If you keep steady on both the heat and your twisting pressure (torque) on the magazine tube to get the magazine tube to break out it will break out long before you damage the finish. Wisps of smoke from the thread locker is a good indication you are approaching break out so when you reach that point you begin to take more care on the heat (but don't back off the heat yet) and apply more torque to the mag tube. Once you get it to break out then cut the heat and concentrate on unscrewing the mag tube.
  4. I have a M1014 fixed choke two port 18.5" barrel assembly I'm willing to part with.
  5. The Super 90 M1 is what Benelli introduced to replace the SL121/M121 M1. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you happen to find an orphan stock to fit it. Choate did have some polymer stocks a few years ago but it's unlikely they've made any since then being there's essentially no market for a batch of buttstocks that fit only a shotgun discontinued 30 years ago. What's wrong with your original buttstock?
  6. Scalarworks did discontinue their Snyc mount for the Aimpoint Micros. I contacted Scalarworks and they advised me that a company in Canada bought all the leftover stock. Found that company's website and successfully placed an order for one on their website. Then I get an email from this company advising me that they could not export an ITAR item to the state (even though that's where it originated from) and they refunded my money. Last I looked the Sync Micros mount was no longer listed on their website.
  7. I'm with you on the bandolier arrangement HOWEVER sometimes there just isn't *time* to grab anything other than one's shotgun which is why some of us like having as much ammo on the gun itself as possible. (My preference for a quality bandolier, it's got the best elastic - http://www.urbanertslings.com/50-round-tactical-combat-shotgun-bandoleer-for-the-12-gauge-shotgun/ ) My CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Micro - 70 rounds on the gun, same with the AR platform pistol or rifle - 72 rounds on the gun (Lancer mags with Lancer +6 extensions).
  8. Video has Mossberg shotguns in title however Clint never mentions Mossberg as an option in this video, just some good info. FWIW all Mossberg pump shotguns are subject to failure if you drop them from a height as low as a few inches by causing the lifter to pop out of place. I had a gunsmith solve that issue on my Mossy Shockwave.
  9. Over 5 years ago I acquired a Benelli M1014 which had apparently hundreds of rounds of slugs fired through it. The bore was covered with lead. I forget which solvent I used but I attached a Hoppe's #9 Tornado Gunsmith's brush to a single section of cleaning rod and then chucked that up in a cordless drill. Power tools rock. I cannot imagine how many hours cleaning that lead out manually would have taken except it would have amounted to 'lots.'
  10. Highly unlikely that you'll find any aftermarket vendor that makes night sights for a pistol discontinued 30 years ago. I suggest you seek out a gunsmith who can make some night sights work.
  11. Kip did produce a few rails at one point and they were on par with everything else me makes. The Benelli rail is known not to play well with the Larue mount (the Larue mount gouges the Benelli rail from what I gather, I've never tried it myself) although I've had zero issues with a A.R.M.S. #31 mount.
  12. Yeah, it's been years since we have had a forum DQ, now we've got one. We're so blessed!
  13. It's noteworthy that you never included any warning about increasing magazine capacity without 922(r) compliance. It's genuinely asinine to suggest to someone that they increase their magazine capacity with a made in Italy component which costs $50 more than a full length Made in the USA magazine tube that doesn't make the M4 look cobbled together while throwing off the 922(r) compliant components count (i.e. causing one to figure out which other Made in the USA components one should install). Some of us want to keep the aftermarket parts count as low as possible, e.g. Made in the USA full length magazine tube, a magazine follower (that's the easy one besides the mag tube), and possibly the handguards or buttstock (if one doesn't want to mess with the fire control). Keep it simple. Any conversation about increasing magazine capacity goes hand in hand with 922(r) compliance whether one agrees with it or not. Spending an additional $50 plus adding to the Made in USA parts count requirement - JPS syndrome.
  14. While there are no *known* (at least that I know of) prosecutions for 922(r) violations, disregard the 922(r) regs at your own peril. 922(r) applies specifically to what two posters in this thread are suggesting to do, i.e. change the magazine capacity without the appropriate number of 'Made in the USA' components to be in line with 922(r) compliance. Also, no one should be advocating doing anything illegal on this forum regardless of one's opinion on the statute(s).
  15. Interestingly the poster in that thread failed to mention which model Aimpoint "flew off." Was it a Micro, M4Comp, PRO, M3Comp, etc.? I'm thinking that just to be safe NO ONE should mount ANY optic to the Benelli rail. /s And thank you for reinforcing my notion that some people are never wrong.
  16. Oh, and another thing - a shotgun, ANY shotgun, should only ever be considered as a secondary support weapon and NEVER a primary weapon, a primary weapon being a suitable MBR. Attempting to use a shotty as a primary weapon is a huge mistake and puts one at a disadvantage IMO. I view a shotty in the same role as a sidearm, i.e. something to confidently allow me to get to my MBR or AR platform pistol.
  17. Got any examples of a Benelli M4 aluminum receiver failing where the rail is mounted? Photos or it didn't happen. Funny how no one on this strictly Benelli oriented forum has ever reported such a thing happening to a Benelli shotgun.
  18. If you put that made in Italy Benelli magazine extension on your M4 you will need at least three 'Made in the USA' parts added otherwise you'll be in violation of 922(r) (if you have a C stock instead of a fixed stock you will need a total of four 'Made in the USA' parts) - i.e. unless you're not the least bit concerned about 922(r) compliance. FYI, that Benelli magazine extension is steel, just like the OEM magazine tube and Dave's Metal Works full length magazine tube so you'd be spending an additional $50 just to have the Benelli name (which is nowhere to be seen on the extension itself) AND it will appear pieced together rather than the way a M4 should look. Why pay an additional $50 for that?? A M4 looks so much better with a full length mag tube instead of a pieced together mag tube.
  19. Dave's Metal Works has a full length steel made in the USA M4 magazine tube for $74.98 and that will give you one Made in the USA component toward your 922(r) component count whereas that Benelli magazine extension is not made in the USA while causing you to not meet the 922(r) requirement with the increased magazine capacity. http://davesmetalworks.com/m4.html
  20. Where sort of use do you foresee where an amount of dirt sufficient enough to inhibit the dual piston setup of the Benelli M4 is going to be an issue? You are aware that the Benelli M4 will function with only one piston operating*, right? (*yes, it will still function but slower) I submit that if one foresees one's self being in such an environment with the need for an extremely reliable long arm then one needs to be packing a for real EBR, e.g. a Steyr AUG.
  21. The advantage of a pistol grip stock is that it is easier to handle single-handedly with your strong hand freeing up your support hand, very difficult to do that with a field stock. A field stock is much more comfortable when carrying your shotgun for extended periods of time (using both hands to carry it). JMO
  22. I agree it's best to have the brand name on the receiver on the documents I don't think it makes a difference so long as the serial number is correct. Only an ahole with nothing else to do would make an issue out of the name not being identical if the serial number matches the NFA documents.
  23. The C-stock does make it a four part requirement when replacing the neutered mag tube with the normal mag tube.
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