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  1. Wyowade, is yours angled up slightly toward the barrel? It says on the sheet of paper that came with it that there's no need for a barrel clamp. Have you noticed any wobble or problems with it? (I haven't gotten a chance to try mine yet)
  2. Hey guys, a while back I added a tacstar side saddle shell carrier to my Benelli M4. It replaced the trigger assembly pin and spring and that circluar captive ring with its own screw. I stupidly lost the 3 original Benelli parts and I need to buy them again to get rid of this flimsy side saddle. Anyone know a place to get these parts? Thanks.
  3. That's perfect, thanks very much for the info guys, and the specific part number hattles.
  4. So a friend and I were skeet shooting today and at some point we switch off and he says "Hey, is there something missing here?". It turns out the little silver bead sight that lines up with the front red one is gone. Upon close inspection, it looks like it unscrewed and fell out on the ground, which of course is now lost forever. Anyone have any idea how to replace this thing? I'm not sure what the official term for it is to try and search for it on Brownells. Thanks for any help. Here are 2 pictures to show which of the 2 I'm talking about. http://db.tt/GrkqA05 http://db.tt/MztXoCz
  5. So I'm looking at the mil-comm site, this is more of a grease than an oil, right?
  6. Although lube definitely took care of things for a while, I found using the higher power stuff was the only real way to get it to function every time. I've been doing a lot of competitions lately with my M4 and the only bird shot that works every time I pull the trigger (as opposed to one stoppage every 4-5 shots) is the Remington 1300fps Nitro 1 1/8th oz #7.5 bird shot. It's powerful stuff and I didn't have a single stoppage in 140+ rounds for the day. Everything else had issues, even up to the Winchester AA equivalent to the Remington one mentioned above. It's a little frustrating at times.
  7. When my Benelli M4 was jamming and stovepiping, I took a Casio FS10 with high speed video ability and was finally able to see exactly what was going on, short-stroking in my case. In the end, I didn't have enough lube on the back of the bolt and the recoil spring area. Now it fires like a champ. There's usually something very specific that's causing a problem, and it's often happening faster than the eye can see.
  8. Sorry if this has already been answered here, but what's the magazine spring of choice for the M4 after one outfits the gun with the full length tube?
  9. Time between your order and when they ship it.
  10. Good video of British military using the Benelli M4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOL_2RfS_aU&fmt=18
  11. Although I see this stuff on the GG&G site, they seem unavailable for the M4 (at least the charging handle) on midway or brownells. I prefer to order from the big places, and it's unfortunate that they don't stock these.
  12. Bird_dog_3, it's a Benelli part, #81041. It says on the box: STOCK STD M1014/M4S90 RILSAN I think these places don't keep them in stock on purpose, and only get them as people order them. They said 2-3 months for mine from brownells when it said out of stock on their site, but I got it in a week. Rocket, NY. Love the state, hate the restrictive laws.
  13. I was surprised at how well handling the gun still is. Having that pistol grip makes it a bit easier to load with the left hand while holding the grip with the right. This way it's a little more holding and tucking the butt under the armpit. I only did it to comply with my state's AWB, but being able to fire 9 shots in a row during a steel match or some such makes up for it.
  14. You guys were right about the lube. I took it apart and put a ton of remington oil on the whole bolt and buffer spring assemblies before going to the range and it cycled 150+ rounds of 2.75 dram #8 shot without a single short stroke. It was definitely dry when I opened it up.
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