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  1. The M1014 I picked up had extremely heavy lead fouling from firing slugs. So I used a stainless tornado brush on a shotgun rod inserted into a cordless drill while using lead bore cleaner. It took a while but I finally got the very last of the lead out of the bore. I would think that your results would happen much sooner if all you have is plastic wad fouling.
  2. Recently picked up a lightly used M4 with Benelli C-stock which doesn't match my preferences so I'm offering this very nice condition C-stock for sale. $265 shipped.
  3. Go to the source, call Benelli and ask. The two I noted listed on ebay specified those stocks listed there would fit both the M1 and M3. M2 stocks are definitely different from M1 stocks, however I'm fairly confident all M1 stocks are interchangeable, but again, go to the source and get a straight answer.
  4. There's a couple on feebay currently.
  5. Forum member Stranger Danger specializes in doing this.
  6. Reliable forum member's website shows item in stock - https://www.benelliparts.net/store/p1/Benelli_M4_Collapsible_Stock_70085.html
  7. It is recommended that you avoid low power rounds while breaking it in, however those low power rounds will give you plenty of opportunities for immediate action drills.
  8. Stay away from ChinaMart (aka WallyMart) ammo. Buy decent quality ammo in bulk. http://www.ammoseek.com http://www.sgammo.com
  9. I see that AVA Tactical last visited this forum just over six weeks ago on 10/4/18.
  10. Rampart purchased the remaining stock from Scalarworks, so limited supply (it took Scalarworks forever to sell the original batch of 100 so they bailed) - https://rampartcorp.com/products/scalarworks-sync-aimpoint-micro-mount-for-benelli-shotguns?variant=40227064852
  11. Worth noting, a Sheriff's deputy in Texas was recently shot in the face at pointblank range with a shotgun. He's still alive yet in critical condition and has lost one eye. His doctors are trying to save his other eye. Apparently he was shot with bird shot because had it been buckshot he would have had his head blown off (more or less). Don't ever depend on bird shot to defend yourself.
  12. Lead fouling will occur with slugs in a barrel rifled or not (but the use of sabots won't) and the wad in buckshot and birdshot rounds will prevent lead fouling in general (forget using birdshot for fight stopping purposes, it's only effective for that at pointblank range). Having a shorter than 'legal' barrel onboard but not married to the shotgun may or may not be an issue depending on who you're dealing with and whether or not they want to give you a hard time under the circumstances. In the states having a part which requires a tax stamp when assembled may result in being charged with
  13. When in doubt go to the source.
  14. https://forums.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/15713-Date-Serial-Number-Lookup-for-Benelli-Shotguns
  15. With NO ammo in your Super Nova cycle the action in full strokes several hundred times. Not necessary to drop the hammer, so just press the bolt release and start pumping. Doing so dry without any lube would net the best results. Again, MAKE SURE your gun is unloaded before doing this. I did this to a Rock Island pump and now when the bolt release is pressed with the muzzle up the action falls completely open. YMMV
  16. I'm lovin' my Aimpoint T-1. A.R.M.S. #31 mount works without issues on OEM rail. What sight is that in the OP? Seems high over the bore. (I don't use a riser with my T-1 on the #31 mount)
  17. Based on your description it does appear to be the carrier latch and they do show it in stock for a reasonable cost.
  18. I used to own three 121M1 shotguns. I love 'em, they were great shotguns. However due to the fact that we can no longer get replacement parts I sold all of them and went to the M4. At this point my only suggestion is to find someone who can fabricate that part for you since it's unlikely you're going to find a NOS replacement part.
  19. If that's all it took to damage a M4 I'd be VERY disappointed...
  20. No experience with them but the price is right. I regularly use hearing protection at work and I'm going to try some of these out. Good prices on the electronic ones on feebay too.
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