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  1. Worth noting, a Sheriff's deputy in Texas was recently shot in the face at pointblank range with a shotgun. He's still alive yet in critical condition and has lost one eye. His doctors are trying to save his other eye. Apparently he was shot with bird shot because had it been buckshot he would have had his head blown off (more or less). Don't ever depend on bird shot to defend yourself.
  2. Lead fouling will occur with slugs in a barrel rifled or not (but the use of sabots won't) and the wad in buckshot and birdshot rounds will prevent lead fouling in general (forget using birdshot for fight stopping purposes, it's only effective for that at pointblank range). Having a shorter than 'legal' barrel onboard but not married to the shotgun may or may not be an issue depending on who you're dealing with and whether or not they want to give you a hard time under the circumstances. In the states having a part which requires a tax stamp when assembled may result in being charged with 'constructive intent' - again depending upon who you're dealing with and under what circumstances. Being on deck with a 24" barrel shouldn't be much of a handling issue due to overall length, so long as you stay cognizant of where all your rigging is when under stress. The advantage to a longer barrel will of course be greater muzzle energy/velocity. Sorry, not informed well enough to answer your other questions.
  3. The omission part was "the low recoil stuff."
  4. When in doubt go to the source.
  5. https://forums.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/15713-Date-Serial-Number-Lookup-for-Benelli-Shotguns
  6. With NO ammo in your Super Nova cycle the action in full strokes several hundred times. Not necessary to drop the hammer, so just press the bolt release and start pumping. Doing so dry without any lube would net the best results. Again, MAKE SURE your gun is unloaded before doing this. I did this to a Rock Island pump and now when the bolt release is pressed with the muzzle up the action falls completely open. YMMV
  7. I'm lovin' my Aimpoint T-1. A.R.M.S. #31 mount works without issues on OEM rail. What sight is that in the OP? Seems high over the bore. (I don't use a riser with my T-1 on the #31 mount)
  8. Based on your description it does appear to be the carrier latch and they do show it in stock for a reasonable cost.
  9. I used to own three 121M1 shotguns. I love 'em, they were great shotguns. However due to the fact that we can no longer get replacement parts I sold all of them and went to the M4. At this point my only suggestion is to find someone who can fabricate that part for you since it's unlikely you're going to find a NOS replacement part.
  10. If that's all it took to damage a M4 I'd be VERY disappointed...
  11. No experience with them but the price is right. I regularly use hearing protection at work and I'm going to try some of these out. Good prices on the electronic ones on feebay too.
  12. I did look into the Washington Examiner and I see that it's owned by another misguided billionaire 'conservative'. Are you referring to the Washington Examiner being a Israhell propaganda organ?
  13. If you had bothered reading the article at the link you would have noted that the actual source of the info is the NRA-ILA. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20150605/stop-obamas-planned-gag-order-on-firearm-related-speech And the NRA-ILA got that info from the Federal Register.
  14. Yeah, I would think so...someone's getting a deal.
  15. Disregard that it's AJ, just pick up on the info. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDJu7gbcZW0
  16. Probably not since this forum will likely cease to exist if this goes down. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/nra-gun-blogs-videos-web-forums-threatened-by-new-obama-regulation/article/2565762
  17. Not odd, the c-stock that came on my m1014 was one style and a later c-stock was the other style fastener head (I don't recall now which was which), so at some point the change was made. Perhaps some other forum member can provide more background. SD?
  18. Years ago there was this incident where a local cop with a large metro PD got out of his cruiser as backup on a call and he grabbed his 870 out of the rack on his way out of his cruiser. In the course of events he racked a round into the chamber apparently forgetting later that he did that. The cops on scene managed to get the situation under control without any gunplay so this cop gets back into his cruiser securing the now in battery 870 into the rack in his cruiser. As he's sitting there writing a report for some odd reason he gets this urge to pull the trigger on the 870 while it's secured in the shotgun rack and ends up putting a new sunroof in his cruiser.
  19. That releases a round from the magazine so that the user can then fully retract the bolt carrier and allow it to slam forward carrying the first round into the chamber and bringing the shotgun into battery. Prior to the S90 series the only way to get the first round to fire chambered on the Benelli 121 and SL80 shotguns was to retract the bolt carrier and drop a round into the ejection port (i.e. unless one installed an aftermarket 'Benelli button' which performed the same function as the lever with the red dot).
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