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  1. Pretty sweet setup SD. Which RMR is that?
  2. Does the Caldwell rest come with the Benelli for $1,000?? If so, I'll take it!
  3. Here ya go. The thing about Kip's charging handle is that the detents on the shank match OEM.
  4. BTW, I've got a Carriercomp charging handle* I'm not emotionally involved with if someone has $500 burning a hole in their pocket. *Frankly I wish Kip would see fit to make some more of these, better than anything currently available.
  5. Both Geissele Benelli M4 hammers have been sold.
  6. One new in package Geissele Benelli M4 hammer still available. $375 shipped with insurance and tracking.
  7. Still have two new in package Geissele M4 hammers available. $375 each shipped with insurance and tracking.
  8. That would make it a telescoping stock and that sort of thing cannot be sold to us lowly civilians thanks to the gungrabbers and their skewed way of looking at guns, especially the black ones. (the fixed stock M4 does have the 3 notch receiver extension) The good news is that it's fixable. Forum member Stranger Danger specializes in swapping out the receiver extension so you can then have it configured like you want. I suggest you contact Stranger Danger via the forum PM.
  9. Sukhoi_fan

    M4 Final Setup

    If your M1014 is not threaded for chokes then indeed you would need to swap out to a barrel which does provide threads for changing out chokes if you wanted to use that screw in muzzle brake.
  10. Sukhoi_fan

    M4 Final Setup

    Benelli M4 muzzle break https://www.benelliparts.net/store/p3/Benelli_M4__Muzzle_Brake_W%2F_non_Choke_Adapter_.html
  11. The first party I would check with is our own forum member here known for doing great mods at a reasonable price, that'd be Stranger Danger. If SD is not able to help you out there's C-Rums.
  12. Sukhoi_fan

    M4 home safety

    Just don't drop it when loaded. One shouldn't be screwing around with a loaded gun anyway as it ultimately always leads to a problem (speaking from personal first hand experience). If I pick up one of my stowed loaded semi-autos without intending to immediately use it the the very first thing I do is unload it...or put it back into a safely stowed position...which of course (should) eliminate the possibility of a negligent discharge.
  13. One sold on feebay recently for a BIN price of $579 shipped. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Benelli-m4-Rare-Handguard-/223491148421?hash=item34091c4a85%3Ag%3AyOYAAOSwtLxcvfIP&nma=true&si=400m9YrQT3VNu3BrtuJRfgzu7Vc%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 feebay also shows one sold recently within 35 minutes of listing for $225 plus shipping - https://www.ebay.com/bfl/viewbids/223519227786?item=223519227786&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2565 It's clearly what the market will bear since they're no longer available. Like the two Geissele M4 hammers I've got available...no longer made, you want 'em I've got 'em. It's like the C-stocks, I had a like new C-stock available a few months ago and it took a while to sell at $265 shipped, now C-stocks sell on feebay for $450 and up.
  14. Yes, and do not be applying ANY lube to the gas pistons, they are designed to run dry..
  15. Just located two NIP never installed Geissele M4 hammers that I had misplaced temporarily. $375 each shipped.
  16. Yeah, I failed to mention that it's possible to remedy that and you're the go to guy to get that done competently without ruining the receiver. Sorry 'bout that.
  17. Those 'collapsible' stocks on the civilian M1014 are not collapsible, strictly for looks, it's essentially a fixed stock that appears collapsible. The recoil tube lacks the notches for it to telescope in and out.
  18. Trigger frames count as a US made part??
  19. Sukhoi_fan

    M4 cycling

    The FN SLP comes with two gas pistons for good reason - to handle both light and heavy loads but not at the same time. The M4 was designed to fire take no prisoners/full power loads and not light loads, and therefore Benelli made no provision on the M4 for firing weaker loads. I'm sure the concept was "In general no one will be shooting clays or be bird hunting with this short barrel tactical shotgun." Just a thought.
  20. I see, you have a recent production M1014, that explains it. Apparently all recently produced M4 and M1014 shotguns have the plastic trigger housing. I wasn't even aware Benelli was still making the M1014, somehow I was under the impression it was discontinued. Shows how much I keep up with current products. lol
  21. The date code will be two capital letters in a square box stamped on the barrel. I just checked my M1014 - metal trigger housing.
  22. What's the date code on the barrel?
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