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  1. Guy, here are two Geissele triggers for sale. One is the MCX SSA trigger and the other is the SD-3D. Asking $150 each. I'm in Louisiana and will take PayPal or Facebook pay. Shipping is included.
  2. Welcome. We are here to help.
  3. Pulled it out of my LWRC REPER MKII and put on a TriggerTech AR-10 trigger they just came out with. $150 shipped. I'm in Florien, La and I can take several types of payment. It was never used.
  4. sonyman74

    M4 Variants

    How many different models of the M4 do they make? Mine is a 11707.
  5. The new Air models from Pelican are strong but weigh a lot less than the older ones.
  6. If you was to assemble a set of back up parts. What would those be? And where would be the best place to get said parts?
  7. Gray Guns flat triggers are amazing. I have them in all my Sig pistols. I have 4 Geissele t flat triggers but after getting my TriggerTechs, I'm removing them and going with TT.
  8. Hey, guys!!! I'm sure lots of you have bolt guns and gas guns as well. What brand triggers do y'all like? I'v recently made a swap over to TriggerTechs trigger systems. I was hooked after putting them on both my bolt guns. I just ordered the new AR-10 trigger and the one for my Sig MCX Rattler. They will be releasing one for my MPX soon. Sure wish the got into the shotgun trigger market. Oh, and I personally love the flat trigger.
  9. Like what was said, the color of the trigger is the only complaint I have. But, people that see it know its Briley when they see it. It's an amazing trigger. Going to send my trigger group for my SBE II to them and let them do the same to it.
  10. It's been many moons ago I bought some Wolf 00 buck. Shoots great and was fairly cheep. I think it was a 500 round case. I don't remember what I paid but AmmoSeek.com is great at finding the lowest price on ammo.
  11. And the bad part is, I took to long to put it on that the place I ought if from wouldn't let me send it back. But that was so long ago I don't even remember off hand who I bought it from. I would have to go through my old invoices to figure it out..
  12. The package said for the M4 and it even said to use the factory nut.
  13. When I finally get home form Saudi, I will get a good comparison of the difference in some of the 00 bucks.
  14. They are not as bright as I would have liked. I'm a big Trijicon fan and I think they will be much better. I feel like for the price I paid they should have came with the proper nut.
  15. I have the rear Meprolights installed but the front didn't come with a nut. It said to use the one from the gun but the nut is too big.
  16. LOL, Been stuck in Saudi for 10 weeks now.
  17. If I was home I'd send you mine!!!
  18. Yes it does. I like it a lot. Much better than the factory. The only thing I don't like is the color. LOL
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