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    No worries....it's not uncommon at all to have to do minor fitting with stocks even OEM. They are after all, a moulded item and not CNC machined. Yes, either a blade or even more controlled, is sandpaper wrapped around a small wood block or similar and go slowly remove a little bit of material at a time from the part that curves around the back of the trigger housing following it's curves. Check frequently until the trigger housing will seat fully into the receiver and the pin will latch through without using excessive force.
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    Hi, are you talking about the pin that secures the trigger group in the receiver not lining up after screwing the stock on? If so, sometimes you have to shave a little bit of plastic off of the the part of the stock that curves around the back of the trigger housing to get a fit. It doesn't allow the trigger group to fully seat into the receiver. I had to do this when I changed the oem trigger housing to an A&S aftermarket housing.
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    Yes, I do this quite frequently, you could PM me for details or email, [email protected]
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    Does the newer Vinci have the "Speed Bolt" feature? "The Speed Bolt system incorporates a special, high density tungsten insert to make cycling even faster and to give excellent performance even with low shot loads. " https://www.benelli.it/en/products/semiautomatic-shotguns/vinci/vinci-speed-bolt
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    The pin only comes out from one direction. You drive out the pin by inserting a flat tip punch into the hole opening that only allows you to see a portion on the pin's diameter-in other words your punch will contact about ½ of the edge of the pin's end
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    The M1014 I picked up had extremely heavy lead fouling from firing slugs. So I used a stainless tornado brush on a shotgun rod inserted into a cordless drill while using lead bore cleaner. It took a while but I finally got the very last of the lead out of the bore. I would think that your results would happen much sooner if all you have is plastic wad fouling.
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    Been gone a while. Back to necromance this thread for Les Garten- You can run that elzetta with some bicycle inner tube around the tailcap of your Bravo.Torqe a pound or two extra. The tailcap is tapered and scallopped so back it out towards the stock a bit beforehand.The innertube fills the gaps and gives more surface area engagement. I also added friction tape to the under side of the mount where it interfaced with the barrell.Mines been hanging tough for a couple yrs and hasn't budged in the first AVA mount...and I shoot the m4 quite a bit. I believe elzetta machined the lights for their mount or vice versa. Either way this setup is viable.Good Luck Les
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    I have the same gun i hunt in northern utah it get cold here i had the same problem but it wasnt doin it in the cold just tear it apart and get into the fireing pin and wipe it down you can tear it apart in the feild its not hard to do that fixed me problem for me