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    I recently switched the HD ammo in my M4 from 00 buck to 04 buck. Even though they’re both 2 3/4 Federal Premium, the 04 buck shells are apparently just enough shorter that I can now fit 7 shells in my ti CC mag tube whereas of the 00 buck I could only fit 6 in the mag. While the 7th round of 04 buck does clear the shell stop, its just barely and I can only shove it further into the mag tube by 1/8”-1/4” and releasing the stack of shells back onto the shell stop seems to put quite a bit of pressure on it. Am I at risk of doing any damage to the shell stop by leaving it so tightly loaded, or am I overthinking this and if 7 shells fit, that’s the end of it?
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    I have an extra camo barrel if interested.
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    I own two SBE2 and dropped one and bent the vent rib. Had a dealer send it back and benelli would not repair the rib but wanted to charge me for a new barrel. This is very disappointing to me and I now will have two for sale. I have bragged on these guns to all my friends and have had three of them buy a SBE2 and 1 bought a SBE3. I will be in line to find another brand of shotgun for my waterfowl hunting. Thanks Benelli!!
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