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  1. With the threat of an AWB which typically calls out semi-auto shotguns with a pistol grip and one scary feature (adjustable stock) I don’t think you’re going to do better than flea bay prices.
  2. $1,000? They were over priced at the $350 I bought mine at a few years back. Hmm, maybe I should sell to get my money back and use the extra to buy a G hammer...
  3. My M4 looks just like any other right now, but the custom case with a benelli flashlight and a interestingly gripped knife with a matching serial number is pretty unique. The only downside is the case is a bit oversized, and the foam isn’t cut in a way that permits adding an RMR, a light, or a stock with an adjustable length of pull so I might have to buy another pelican case.
  4. Joe Biden talked me into it. But seriously I move a ton and wanted a 50 state legal firearm so a shotgun seemed like a good fit. Started looking into pump shotguns but didn’t like anything I saw, then came across a good deal on an m4 and ran with it.
  5. It is a nice set up. I ended up paying 1,799, which is about as cheap as I’ve seen a 11707 go for new on GB, so I effectively got all the extras for free (not sure what comes in the regular 11707 package though).
  6. Hi, I recently bought a Benelli M4 Southern Grind Edition. It’s a normal M4, but with a bunch of other Benelli Branded Stuff, so it’s not really unique. But it did come with a custom Pelican Case, which although I think is a tad too big it’s done very nicely. This case has a couple of extra compartments that you could pull the foam plugs out and use for something, maybe a box of shells or some ear pro (cans or foamies), but I thought maybe there might be something specific to the M4 or even shotguns that I’m not aware of. The spare compartments are marked by arrows. The sma
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