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  1. This scope is in mint condition. Was on my SBE II and in the woods once last year. Perfect working order, not a scratch on it. You can't tell its not brand new. Includes original box and manuals. I am selling the scope and the matching camo rings that hold it. I don't use this gun to deer hunt anymore. Contact me if you need to see pictures. Make offer.

  2. I bought a new SBII last year. I want to go turkey hunting this year. Can someone reccommend a good choke? I seen some crio turkey choke on benelli's site, is that good? Also maybe a recommendation on what ammo I might try.



  3. I just ordered me a new super black eagle II and also the rifled slug barrell for it. Is there any ammo anyone can reccommend for both barrels? Also any other helpful info to get things started and keep them running smooth. Thanks for any suggestions.

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