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  1. Well I didnt buy the "dove choke" but I did just buy the regular Light modified Briley choke and I loved it, 15 birds with two boxes of shells. Even my buddy was impressed, when I was cleaning up his misses, dont know if the choke made that much of a difference or if it was just one of those days when your shooting good.

  2. Benelli already had a limited run of SBE II's with Duck Blind Camo. I picked one up about a year ago, new in the box, but it was hard to find. From what I heard they made 500 of them, and that was it. Max4 is too bright for me, but the duck blind looks sweet on the SBEII.


    yep, I bought a SBEII last fall with duck blind camo, my buddy wanted to trade me his Max-4 one for it, but I said no thanks. It was at a local gun/outdoor store, he had 4 of them. He also told me that Benelli only made 500 of them

  3. I did find that M.A.D. choke on the flambeau website, but it looks a little different than the one for my SBEI and that one had a .650 constriction. But from what ive read, (which may or may not be correct), the SBEII's dont like as much of a constriction as the SBEI's did. Well I guess I will just pick one and give it a try, hopefully I pick right:D

    Thanks for the information guys!

  4. Me and a buddy both bought brand new SBEII's this year, and last week we were hunting in the rain, and when we got home we both noticed how it was all wrinkly looking, after a day it went away, we thought it was just normal since both our guns did it...keep us posted if there is some kind of recall or replacement for it. Thanks

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