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  1. On 5/8/2020 at 7:52 AM, StrangerDanger said:


    The mounts are easy to install. The front Mount is part of the IWC light/sling mount. It replaces the factory front sling mount. 


    The rear QD sling mount is also from IWC. It fits right thru the factory sling loop. It’s pretty easy to install as well. 




    Excellent!  I have the same sling mounts from IWC that you have.  Actually, they are on the way from IWC on June 2nd.

    I'm trying to put together my Custom Padded Vickers Sling.  Question... what hardware did choose for the front and rear attachments?



  2. IWC is solid but was looking more for something I can get the light source closer to the end of the barrel. Am I missing something with the IWC mount? Im unsure if that's doable.


    I'm done waiting for AVA to come around, but when he comes back, I'm sure I'll be back on aboard.


  3. The unit won’t work on a M2.


    They're still in operations. Just waiting for the next run of them to be finished up. I don’t think there is a preorder list, and usually it isn’t necessary.


    I'm worried about the "...usually isn't necessary." part.


    With my timing I'll come back 2 months later to find out they are sold out again.

  4. I imagine he removed the button. It's fairly easy to remove the button. Unscrew the three screws holding the cheek rest in place. Then drive the pin out that is aligned fore and aft while pressing on the button slightly.


    Yes button was removed, you'll never drill it in place the steel is to hard.


    Easy to remove and reinstall.


    Thanks for quick replies. I appreciate the help.


    Just got the collapsible stock in. Now to work on the modification.

  5. Drilled and taped a hole a 6-32 hole in the stock release button (This is one hard piece of steel).


    Reassembled the stock release button and spring positioned the stock to the length I wanted


    I cut an old drill bit approx 1/2" in length and dropped it in the hole.


    Installed a 6-32 x 3/8" set screw and tightened it down.









    Thanks for the reply!


    Was disassembly of the stock release button required or did you drill it in place?


    If disassembly required, was it pretty straight forward to remove the button? Any tips?

  6. I am building a custom stock out of Raven ATI parts and no longer need the factory telescoping stock. I replaced the OEM spring button and fabricated an adjustable fixed length button with internal set screw to lock the length in the standard positions. Hex key will be included. As well I fabricated a custom delrin cheek rest. The stock rest is also included.


    How about $SOLD with free shipping USPS priority domestic?










    Can you please share details about your fabricated fixed length button and how it operates exactly. I just bought a C-stock for use in California and am looking at the different options for fixing the length in position.



  7. I've looked almost everywhere for the 70085 Collapsible Stock. At least the places obvious to me online. What's ETA for restocking on Benelli parts.net? A year ago the stocks were available. Now that I can justify the purchase, they're not. Woe is me!



    Any information would be helpful. I've very been patient this long already.


    Got one from Benneli Parts.net. My timing was impeccable.

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