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Found 1 result

  1. This is an update to the post I made on Sept 18th here: https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/24783-help-new-m4-bolt-hangingsticking/ . After contacting Benelli and them stating my brand spanking new M4 needed to go back, I sadly packed it up and shipped it out, including a note as to what was happening, and copies of the photos I had posted in the last post showing the damage to the extractor and where it was grinding against the side of the bolt and hanging up. Fast forward to today, and the gun returned, 40 days later. I did not receive any communication from Benelli beyond that the gun was being shipped back, IE no explanation as to the issue/work/repair done. I eagerly opened the box, and was surprised by what I found. Inside with this document, see attached pic, explaining the work that was done. In short, it looks like they modified/widened the extractor groove on the bolt head, checked tolerances, test fired, and . . . Thats it. Extractor still all gouged on the bottom side. I can confirm the gun was test fired, as it was not cleaned afterwards and was dirty with residue. I cleaned it up, oiled it, put it back together, and ran the bolt. At first the bolt was hanging up/not smooth, however things seem to smooth out a touch after a few racks, so not sure if it was because it was dirty or what. Note that I actually since then have purchased a M1014, and that bolt is buttery smooth, this one less so when racking side by side. I would be interested to know the thoughts of the collective. I am a patient guy, and have been for the 40 days I have been waiting for my brand new 2k gun to return. I guess I would say I am disappointed, but dont want to be overreacting either. Thoughts?
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