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    Brand new over-under, after the first time taking it out to a skeet club we attempted disassembly to clean it. To remove the trigger mechanism we used the provided to tool to press and release the trigger guard however we may not have had the strikers in the cocked position. Now the back end of the trigger mechanism is stuck halfway out. Stupid mistake on our part, but was hoping that there was someone out there who ran into the same issue. Any advice helps, only had the thing 4 whole days 😅
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    Yea, in fact I got the receiver back this last Tuesday. I didn't have a chance to update this forum yet. They sent me a label, got it cleaned up and sent it back to me. The only thing is it took another 3 weeks, to get the receiver back. They even threw in a trigger shoe free. I reassembled the M4 and its works great. My next project is try to fix the shell catch, I tried quad loading and I can barely push 1 shell in without the 2nd one popping out...
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