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    Update: I was starting to wonder why I hadn't received an email with an order update/shipped from A&S, a few minutes later my wife sent me a picture of a package that arrived. So, just finished installing and function testing FFT trigger kit with A&S trigger housing and everything is working properly now! Thanks everyone for your input/advice.
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    Cool, glad you were able to figure it out. What a headache! I bet it feels great to have her all up and running again! 😎
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    I'll go $275!!!! Sorry, not to make fun, I just had to out-do the Jolly One!
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    I had the same issue with the Polymer trigger housing and switched to the aluminum one and the FFT trigger worked fine.
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    It's like here in Massachusetts, we are still under the 94 AWB, (REPUBLICAN MITT ROMNEY) made sure it never sunsetted here, (remember that when you go to the polls) - he's a traitor to the 2nd Amendment... Anyway, ask any cop - from local PD to State Trooper, if he really cares if your 30rd mag is preban or not...The resounding answer is "no"... One LEO I know put it best: "If I pulled you over and noticed you had brand new Beta Mags and new P-Mags, (both illegal here) and you were cool - I'd be cool. If I pulled you over and noticed you had those mags and you were a douche, then all bets are off.... Bottom line: Live your life for Gods sake...Most cops could give two turds about 922r.....
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    I agree! I am so bored of all you people whining over 922R. No one is going to raid your house and seize your guns, no one is going to confiscate your weapons at the local gun club or range...Stop sweating the small stuff. The only time you need to worry about this is if you are doing illegal activities with your gun. Then they will throw the book at you...the one with 922R in it!
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    i know what you mean UNO!! the guy i bought mine from w/ all these cool parts moved out of state. and the best part is, here in texas, you dont have to sign anything or record a private citizen sale!! and to be honest, i cant recall his name!!
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    This is so rediculous. Okay, for all of you who just WON'T drop this stupid idea that you have to comply with 922R, just get a friend to install your parts at his place and then bring you your M4 back. Perfectly legal on your part as you didn't install them. The law says NOTHING about possession, only installation. Then just don't rat your friend out for committing such a heinous crime against god and country. Problem Solved. But no, it's not. Because you just want to whine about SOMETHING, and the M4 is perfect, and so the only thing that can be whined about are laws that mention it, so you will then find something else to whine about. Like the fact that you cannot get the Benelli cleaning-kit for it in the States. Stop messing with perfection.
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