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    I'm a fan of the velcro systems over the hard mounted ones. The velcro ones weigh less and crush flat when not in use. I didn't care for how stiff it was to pull the shells from the Mesa one either.
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    It’s pretty bad ass if you’re an early 90’s ninja turtle.
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    Yup, we just keep tinkering until we die. It's all very good!! Good to hear you have no problems reaching the tape switch. So, if you had to shoot lefty, you'd just wrap your right hand over the top and engage with your thumb? An over-the-top grip like many use with an AR in CQB. I like your thinking. You never know when your clearing the house and slicing the pie around a corner when it might be better to do it left handed. Depends on your house layout. Come to think of it...that's how I would need to come down the hallway and into the living room. Thanks for making me think....again!
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    Mine came in today, i ran about 12rds of field loads and about 3 3" turkey loads, no issues. I love the feel of it and if it holds up I'll be content with it as permanent charging handle....I'll keep yall posted.
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    Well I hope to have my gun in hand tomorrow. My 870 is at the gunsmith now so I am excited to pickup the M4. I couldn’t help but accessorize it a bit. I went with a Scalarworks Sync Mount, Holosun 508v2, Mesa Tac stock, Ambi sling mounts, Titanium tube from FreedomTac, new forend (gonna have my friend stipple), new follower, IWC light mount, BUT not sure on the light (I had wanted the AVA to use my Olight M2 but that’s a no go). I’ll see when it all gets here whether I want to buy another Scout light setup. I love Surefire but they are $$ and Olight has been amazing lately. I had wanted to avoid using a pic rail with my light.
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    Yes, they come in a bag marked that they’re made by Benelli.
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    Have you looked at the Intellibeam version of the Scout? M600IB model. It auto gates itself from 100-600 lumens depending on how much light blow back you’re receiving from things like indoor walls. It rapidly changes so fast in output that you barely even notice it. The m300 and m600 tailcaps are the same. So it will jam your thumb if you’re riding your thumb on the momentary button and fire a 12 gauge round. I’he been working out a new light mounting solution which uses the 13” Briley rail, an IWC inline MLOK light mount, the light of your choosing mounted far forward on the ejection port side for a right hand shooter so the bezel or the light is flush with the muzzle. Then a Unity Tactical Hot Button is installed which is essentially a push button momentary/on/off button with a 9 inch wire routed to the left side rail roughly where you want your support hand thumb to reach. Slap on rail covers that you like on the MLOK and add a QD angled sling mount to the rail all the way forward at 9 o’clock. You’d have less risk of jamming your thumb, but not completely eliminated.
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    I ordered the IWC. The AVA was amazing though. Very well thought out and machined so low profile.
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  10. 1 point
    Thanks again. I’ll try the Noveske cups, I ordered a set. I’ll checkout the light mount also.
  11. 1 point
    I used a Tacstar slimline on my 870 and another hard shell type on my 590. I am not in love with either. I shoot lefty and decided to go with the ESSTAC cards for my M4. It’s a cheap way to try the Velcro out. If it works I can swap to the other guns. I also have a chest rig with Taco’s that can hold them if I need. I figure a reload will look like this. Strip the old card off, pull the new one out of the Taco, place it on the gun, and reload off the card. Shooting lefty I have to turn the gun over so I would stage my shells accordingly for an upside down reload.
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    mickey d; I actually misspoke when I said that I have the QD cup in my M4 stock. I DO have it installed in my 590A1 stock but, I used the NOVESKE replacement sling plate on my M4 that has a QD cup on one side of it. But as I said, if you opt for the cup, it will work, the threads are long enough. The 590A1 stock has thicker walls than the M4 stock. I think the sling plate is the better option for the M4 unless you have the collapsable stock. It just takes a little work to replace the OEM plate with the NOVESKE plate. Sorry for the confusion
  13. 1 point
    AVA quit manufacturing a couple years ago. Nobody knows why. I think this is the only option now. It's a great mount. https://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/multi-light-benelli-m4-mount-scout/
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    Fully loaded with 7+1+1, adding a side saddle will add substantial weight. Better think about a sling also.
  15. 1 point
    Not Glen but I have installed the Noveske QD cup on my Benelli M4 standard pistol grip stock and my 590A1 stock and the threads are plenty long enough. No worries.
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    In his honor I dug a little deep into this forum and retrieved a little Friday Funnies. I guess this is the one that he puts away because it's too..., pretty?
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    Thanks. Ken makes his rounds every few months to give us all a good laugh. I’m sure he has an opinion on how to properly lace shoes too.
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    get one with everything
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    Look great SD. Some people’s mothers forgot to teach the lesson “if you don’t have anything good to say....”
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    Holosun with ACSS reticle....don't laugh, ive tried to break this optic but i have not been able to. Its sitting on a scalarworks mount. Love it.
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