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  1. The ribs are not made of plastic by all means. The sport model can or does have carbon fiber rib. Everything else is metal.
  2. Its got a tactical sling setup and a set drop buttstock with a basic rubber recoil pad. One other thing might be that it has a 2 or 4 shot extension tube. I converted mine into a m1 field by getting a different forend cap and buttstock.
  3. BigGame,.. Its like anyother pump or semi-auto shotgun..unscrew the forend cap and slide the forend off the magazine tube and barrel out of the reciever. The modified forend gives it a very tight fit to increase accuracy and no sloppiness.
  4. Barrel is $360 and modified forend is $45...free shipping. I have pictures
  5. Anyone interested in a deer barrel for hunting season? Comes with the modified forend. Bought new in January. [ 09-24-2003, 10:38 AM: Message edited by: lokewolf ]
  6. You shouldn't need to leave much oil on anything in the receiver, if you use an oil or a lubricant make sure its a light oil or spray, not anything like grease. If hunting in wet conditions dissassemble bolt and clean/wipe dry occasionally. Their is a tube with a spring going from the back of the receiver into the buttstock that you should keep an eye on and spray wd-40 or some Rem Oil into occassionally or dissassemble that as well and clean and keep from rust forming.
  7. are you saying that your magazine tube or forend cap doesn't have the swivel for a sling..its just flat? Try finding a good sling for a M1s90 with 2 shot ext. That darn tactical sling setup was tough to overcome some of the time.
  8. The front bead on your Nova is replacable, but personally I wouldn't try replacing it with a factory bead!! Go to Walmart and buy a HIVIZ comp sight for $13 or $14 and you'll get the right screw and plenty of extra Fiber optic sights you can interchange or replace if ever needed. Its well worth your time and money to go that route. THe rib is 5/16" or 8mm.....somethings you learn from reading product descriptions, others from doing
  9. Benelli's site recommends using a CYLNDER choke, an Imp Cyl will be the max constriction you want to use. You may even want to buy one of the Rifled chokes they have or from Cabelas to help get the slug started spinning before it leaves the barrel.
  10. lokewolf

    recoil pad

    I think limbsaver is better and they actually have one specifically made for the SBE/m1 synth stock. $29 thru cabelas.. I love it...came in real handy at the range and didn't feel a thing when I shot my 24# turkey this past spring! Another brand: Xcoil is made by hivizsights.com, but I think you'd have to grind to shape the pad to fit properly. I did for my TC Encore and its nice!
  11. SBE's are great if you have the need for shooting 3 1/2" shells for geese or turkey but nothing else, plus its an extra $300 or so than the M1. I have an M1 and love it. Consider getting the M1 in black synthetic stock but get the Rifled Deer model and then get a 26" bird barrel so you can switch up when you need to for dove, geese, duck, turkey etc... The season is right around the corner and if your looking save some cash on an extra barrel or forend or anything benelli, I would try ebay and gunbroker.com for some stuff. You will absolutely save mucho dinero $$ than buying brand new
  12. Tacman, i was using Brenneke rifled slugs out of my bird barrel with Imp Cyl choke. I won't be using that anymore since I now have a rifled slug barrel to use. Gonna upgrade to Sabots and shoot either the Winchester partition gold sabot or the Remington Core lokt sabots both are 385 gr sabots...at 1900fps thru a 2 3/4" shell.
  13. I just learned something new about Brennekke slugs... don't use them with a choked barrel...they are sized to fit real tight into a smooth bore barrel and having a choke including cylinder isn't recommended because of the tight fit. THey are really intended for smooth bore barrels without chokes. Have you found a slug yet that doesn't shoot eliptical holes in the paper?
  14. You could get a benelli factory rifled choke tube or you might want to look on ebay. I've seen a bunch recently and they are ported as well to help with recoil or muzzle blast. they go for about $20-30, but a little extra spin could help level those slugs out a bit. What choke were you using anyway?
  15. Are you using factory chokes or aftermarket chokes like say 'Patternmaster' ? I have a m1 12ga that I use a Patternmaster ported choke with geese, duck and deer and get phenomenal results on target. With OO buck shooting 3" Fed Premium's with 15pellet count.. I get all 45 pellets within a 30 inch circle at 50yds. Thats coming out of a 28 inch bird barrel. It's possible your flinching..try shooting at a shorter distance and see what the pattern is.. also try shooting a rifled slug thru it with a cyl, or imp cyl choke at a short distance then at 50 yds and see if you can hit where you want.
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