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  1. Thanks Roll Tide, and I hope it does help. I spent a week in and out of the chiroprator's office after bringing it home and putting four three inch turkey loads through it. Couldn't get out of bed the next morning!
  2. My Beneli Recoil Reducer finally came in at my local gun shop. I brought it home and there were no instructions with it. I was only able to secure the bracket with one screw as there was no way to get a screwdriver in to secure the second screw. When I dropped the mercury filled tube into the bracket there was a gap of about one to two inches left in the bracket. This means that the tube will slide up and down with an inch or two of play as I move the gun around. Know, there was a piece of black hose about five inches long that was sitting inside the bracket when I opened it from it's ori
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