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  1. What u need to do is go to a local shooting range with your gun and ammo and set up on paper what u will be shooting at. try three different tubes- cylinder, improved cyinder, and modified. which ever one works the best for both sets of ammo is the one that you should use for that event. keep your powder dry
  2. hey! turkey hunting is gonna open up where i live in two years. i want to know from sum expirenced hunters what i should do to get ready if anything. thanx
  3. This is my second year of shooting trap. I found my gun, a mossberg 500A, at at pawn shop. u might want to look around alot before u find a gun that u like and one that fits u. if u buy the first gun u see, trust me u will be unstaisfied and u will want to buy another one. look around before u buy.
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