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  1. LHmoose

    Springs ?

    Thanks for the reply mill4570. I was able to find the part last night. The extra f in Wolff through me off. I plan on trying it out, I'll let yall know how it worked for me after acouple of hunting trips.
  2. LHmoose

    Springs ?

    Thanks for the input guys! Bill3508 I looked for the Wolf springs but, only found bulk spring containers for sale. Does Wolf make a specific inertia spring kit for the SBE? Help would be greatly appreciated seeing how dove season is fast approaching. Anybody else know of an inertia spring kit that allows the SBE to shoot lighter loads? Thanks, LHmoose
  3. LHmoose

    recoil pad

    What companies make direct replacement recoil pads for SBEs with synthetic stocks?
  4. LHmoose

    Springs ?

    I have a SBE-LH and like others I can't shoot any kind of light loads through the gun at this time without cycling problems. Some of my friends have SBEs with more years and loads through thier guns and are able to shoot the exact loads that I cannot. A gun smith tells me that with time my spring will soften up and allow lighter loads to cycle. Does Benelli make lighter springs for the SBE or can springs be interchanged from the other models?
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