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  1. CAB

    barrel lengths

    I shoot rabit, squirrel and opening day of dove season, maybe one day a turkey so swing is not to important. The local Benelli dealer only had 24" barrels in stock so he was pushing me towards them. His statement was the newer chokes do not require such a long barrel. I think I may order a 26". Thanks for the replys.
  2. I am a lefty considering buying a SBE. I know they make a L/H gun but I have used R/H guns all my life. Do any L/H shooters have experience with a R/H SBE and have you had any problems?
  3. CAB

    barrel lengths

    I have not bought a new shotgun in 20 years but I am looking at the SBE. Is there a noticable pattern difference between the 24", 26", and 28" barrel?
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