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  1. kpiller

    SBE jamming

    Well, the problem is fixed. It was either 1 of 2 things. I had a new recoil spring put in and also, found some gunk in the back of the rails that the bolt slides in. May have been a combination of both. Nevertheless, the problem is fixed so far. Thanks for the advice.
  2. kpiller

    SBE jamming

    Do you work for Benelli? Have you heard of this problem happening alot? I suggest you call Customer Service.
  3. chasman, I don't know if you read my post earlier. I am having the same problem. My SBE is apprx 3 years old. It will NOT fire 3Dram rounds through it without jamming. Don't listen to anyone who says you have to shoot a heavier load through it for it to work. There are 3 other guys on my trap team shooting SBEs and they have 0 problems. We all shoot the same loads. Locking pin wasn't the answer either. I am going to try putting a lighter sprin in the stock and see if that is the problem. For $1200 I am mighty pissed about this, but am not giving up. I will post my results...
  4. kpiller

    SBE jamming

    Well, the verdict is mostly in on my jamming SBE. Replaced the locking pin, shot a 3DRAM load, still jammed, put a 3 3/4 DRAM in, cycled fine. Apparently, my SBE WILL NOT shoot 3 DRAM loads no matter what I try. I find that to be complete garbage. there are 3 other SBE on my trap team and they have NO problem shooting 3DRAM loads. I am still open to suggestions.
  5. kpiller

    SBE jamming

    Thanks. That sounds logical to me. Have you ever heard of rotating that pin everytime you clean it? To avoid it "flat spotting"? The guy at Galyans offered that advice. His first thought though was me soft shouldering it. NAH! I will give it a "shot" and post the results.
  6. kpiller

    SBE jamming

    I use 3 dram loads from Federal. There are 3 other guys on the team that also shoot SBE without any problem, any other ideas? I have had the gun for about 3 years, worn out part?
  7. kpiller

    SBE jamming

    I have a SBE and am having unbelievable trouble with it not ejecting spent round and cycling new round. Jams EVERY shot! Replace the recoil spring (the one in the stock) no good. I am at my wits end. Anyone help?
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