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  1. Hello and thank you! You are really helping me out, the Italian site is much much better ! Here is an interesting link for you: http://club.guns.ru/eng/hkm4.html I contacted BenelliUSA by phone and got a catalogue mailed to me directly. I did find out that the M4 Super 90 is legal in Canada, however; the distributor in Canada advises me Italy will not ship them here. Italy feels they should only be shipped to Military or Police buyers. Strange ! The saga continues and I will keep you posted. Cheers, SF
  2. http://club.guns.ru/eng/hkm4.html
  3. Hi Tacman, Looks like your the only one reading my posts Canada has quite stringent gun controls. I called two gun dealers and they say the M4 is restricted/prohibited in Canada. Hoever, I called the Canadian Firearms Certificate ( CFC ) run by the government and they say the M4 Super 90 is legal in Canada. I checked the Benelli website, but it does not have the Super 90 listed. Do you happen to know what that model entails ? I would like the folding buttstock and pistol grip with 18.5" or 470 mm barrel. In Canada, it has to be 470 mm long or it is restricted. I s
  4. Hi, If the barrel is 18" will this not allow it to fire as far or accurately as opposed to the longer barrels ? What type of sights r u thinking of getting ? Certainly, not a scope on a shotgun
  5. Hello, Where can a Canadian order a Benelli Shotgun catalogue ? What do u people think of the M4. I understand MCSOCOM will be replacing their Remington and Mossberg with them. Thank you, Shotgun Freak
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