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  1. Thanks for the information. It would have been nice if they had included it in the owners manual because (being an avid waterfowler) this situation is not uncommon. I routinely hunt in weather that will soak a gun just as bad. By the way if you do submerge your gun it will still work just check your barrel for obstruction and your action for any small aquatic life. Try that with another type of semi!
  2. I'm wondering if removing the recoil spring (the one that resides in the buttstock) for cleaning is necessary (say you dropped your gun in the lake). If it is necessary how do you do it?
  3. Some semis like my Benelli M1 have an adjustable stock to help make them fit better. One drawback of the semi though is picking up your empties when your done shooting.
  4. I have to agree with fattire75 I.C. with #3 are the best for ducks over decoys.
  5. I have hunted ducks and geese for several years with a variety of guns and have never used a full choke with steel. I've found you never need to go more than modified to get a really tight pattern. Most of my hunting is done with Improved cylinder and I don't go to modified till late in the season and sometimes I just staywith I.C. especially with high velocity steel (2,bb,bbb) I would think that if you did find a full choke for steel (most chokes list modified (lead)=full (steel)) it would just blow your pattern.
  6. I just purchased an M1 (new) but the box and manual had been destroyed by a flood at at the gunshop. The manual I downloaded doesn't talk about cleaning the recoil spring ( the long spring that goes into the butt stock). Is this something that I should clean and how? I also agree don't use wd-40 use a good gun oil.
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