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  1. kpw212

    SBE 2 owners

    Thanks for the input. I do some clay shooting w/ an 870 wingmaster 20ga; been on a few pheasant hunts; also have a 12 ga stoger condor O/U which I don't like due to the shoulder thing. My 12 yr old son wants to go turkey hunting so I'll be doing that one of these days. Would like a 12 ga semi to round out the inventory, plus I share the guns with my 15 yr old. I guess the question is just how complicated a gas operated semi is to clean?
  2. kpw212

    SBE 2 owners

    I'm looking to buy a new shotgun that's an all around gun. I've read about the SBE 2 being all purpose and need some input from SBE 2 owners. I'm interested in the synthetic version with the comfort tech because I'm looking for the softest recoil going (rotator cuff problem rt shoulder). Any info on the recoil factor will help in my decision, or if you can suggest another gun I'm all ears.
  3. I'm looking to buy a 12 ga semi-auto 28" barrel and have narrowed to four choices: Benelli Montefeltro; Browning Gold; Remington 1187; Baretta 390 teknys. I'm really leaning toward the Benelli. but need some input from Benelli owners. My 14 year old son will be using the gun also, so input on recoil will be appreciated. Thanks!
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