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  1. josh

    which is better?

    which is better? A remington 870 express magnum 3 1/2 inch or a benelli nova 3 1/2 inch?
  2. i live in ohio and it gets a "tad bit nipply" in the late season here. the biggest problem is finding the open water for the ducks.
  3. great.......me and my dad are gonna get two of them here shortly. Thanks for all of the info and advice.
  4. how long into the year do you all waterfowl hunt? I hunt as long as the seasons let me. Im just curious how long other people like to hunt waterfowl. It becomes noticibley more dificult to hunt the waterfowl in the late season due to water freezing and such. Ducks seem to become more shy to your calling. What do you guys think?
  5. tommorow me and my dad are going to set up ower skeet thrower so that it throws the pigeons sideways infront of you instead of away.(without putting the person throwning the pigeons in any danger ofcoarse) So maybe that will help. I love shooting skeet. I could do it 24/7.hahah:)
  6. how far do you guys generally lead your ducks and geese?
  7. me and my father and debating on a couple different brands of shotguns for waterfowling. How does the benelli nova shoot?? We shoot a lot of geese so I like the 3 1/2 capabilities. Is benelli better compared to a wichester or remington? My remington 1187 isnt very good to me. If you have any advice it would be very helpfull. thanks
  8. me and my dad are debating on several guns to get for waterfowling. I like to hunt geese and ducks ....so I like the 3 1/2 capabilities of the nova.........is the benelli good???How does is hold up???/ Does it shoot nice???/ Thanks
  9. I am generally new at waterfowling and I keep missing ducks and geese when I shoot at them...generally I lead them about a body length of the duck infront of them ......is this to far??????? or not far enough? any information or advice would be very helpful thank you for your time
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