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  1. drugoose

    Nova Misfire

    They only checked it once and stated they could not duplicate the problem. They cleaned it, which I do about once every 3 or 4 trips out unless it's wet or muddy, and sent it back. I will send it back to them and give'm one more chance. But as of right now, I have lost all confidence in the gun. I will mention your suspicions when I send it in. Thanks
  2. drugoose

    Nova Misfire

    I have tried to be more slow and deliberate with my stroke. I am using 3 1/2" shells and the empty shell never jams, it flies out and the new shell loads up in the chamber just fine. I would think a short stroke would jam up the empty long shell. I think something in the trigger mechanism is not fully re-cocked, but I'm no gunsmith just a goffy goose hunter.
  3. drugoose

    Nova Misfire

    Has anyone had problems with the Benelli Nova misfiring? Mine always fires on the first shell, then intermittently will not fire the 2nd or 3rd shell. The trigger is locked and cannot be pulled. I have sent it into Benelli but it still happens..Talk about frustrating..All the work we do to get a crack at some birds and this happens. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I'm ready to dump this gun in the drink.
  4. I've been shooting a 3" 870 for about 15 yrs and am looking into buying a 3 n half inch pump. Before I make the investment I was looking for some input. 1.Does the 3 n half really have more killing power than a 3"? 2.Does it kick like a mule? 3.Is there a big difference in kick in a pump vs.auto? 4.Any 3 n half inch guns out there that you would NOT buy? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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