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  1. OldFart

    Recoil reducer

    I also bought the SIMS pad, 10547, Medium, The old pad must be removed, then it will fit. I also plan to cut off the stock pad where it starts getting wider and push that part back down into the stock to provide lateral support, you can actually press in on the hollow stock with your hand with the stock pad out. If anybody can think of any reason NOT to do this, please let me know. Thanks Ray
  2. PowDuck and Others Don't know about tech reps but I Emailed SIMS and KickEEZ directly: 1. KickEEZ said they were developing a pad for the Nova but it was only in the design stage and "they wouldn't venture to guess how long before it hit the market." 2. SVL (SIMS) stated they had a slip on pad (10547 Medium) that would fit the Nova and tests had shown it gave the same protection as a fitted pad. Only repeating what the companys told me, I can cy and post their Emails if anyone wishes. I purchased the SIMS slip on pad, the Benelli Recoil Reducer and bracket and have a Hastings ported choke on the way. If all this does not "tame" the recoil, I give up in that regard, however I am considering putting a scope on the Nova if I can find a mounting system for it. Thanks Ray
  3. Nobody but Nobody has experience with this. This shotgun REQUIRES!! recoil reduction. Ray
  4. OldFart

    Recoil reducer

    I Emailed SVL (SIMS) and they said they DID NOT have a form fit pad for the NOVA, however they do have a slip on pad 10547 Medium that will fit and has been tested to provide as much recoil reduction as a form fit. Ray
  5. I recently purchased a new Benelli Nova and the 14 oz recoil educer and bracket. Still have Q's 1. Does anyone have experience with the recoil reducer? What can I expect from it?? 2. Any experiences with an aftermarket turkey choke, especially ported/slotted to reduce recoil?? 3. Anybody found an aftermarket recoil pad?? I am aware that SVL (SIMS) has a slip on to fit the Nova. I have 2 Kick EEZ pads on rifles and they are very!! effective. Thanks Ray [ 02-26-2004, 11:18 PM: Message edited by: OldFart ]
  6. 1. Anyone have experiences with the mercury recoil reducer if used on the Benelli Nova with 3 1/2 in loads? 2. Effectiveness of a ported choke in reducing recoil??? Thanks Ray [ 01-22-2004, 12:13 AM: Message edited by: OldFart ]
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