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  1. I am a little concerned about what was said about the left hand shotgun. I have shot right hand ejected rifles and shotguns all my life and never got hit with a shell casing but thought a left hand eject would be nice to have. I am not concerned about resale at all as this will be with me forever. I will seriously take another look at the M1 in 24" now as it does make sense as the receiver is a bit larger then other guns. As far as the center bead goes, thank you for that info. I will not have to worry about it any more now. Where would I find the 30-50mm red dot sights ?
  2. I went to the Benelli dealer today and swung a couple in M1 and Montefeltro. The M1 felt great to me, and the Montefeltro seemed a little too fancy for the woods to shoot deer and turkey. I do have one concern though. I noticed that the M1 only has one sight bead or red line in front and the Montefeltro has the sight bead in the middle as well as at the end of the barrel. Will this make a difference when aiming the M1 with only the red line sight in front?
  3. I have been looking to purchase a new semi-auto shotgun for deer and turkey hunting and want it in a 26" barrel. I have no use for anything over the 2 3/4" and 3" shell capacity. In talking to a gun dealer that sells all the brands and makes nothing extra no matter what the brand recommends the Benneli M1 field. I am a southpaw (lefty), and looked at the Left handed Synthetic, camo, and the Montefeltro with satin walnut finish models to purchase. Can anyone advise or recommend anything?
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