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  1. I just changed out my M1 super 90s barrel to a 26" and didn't have to change my forestock, I use it for action shoots and plan to use it Chukar hunting, I bought a standard mag from Brownells and just put it on tonight, it looks good, they use to ask me at the trap club when I was leaving if I was going to rob a seven eleven on the way home, I now have a short barrel, a 26" and a 28" barrel, I can put my 7 round or my standard mag in minutes, the parts were pricey but I am happy with the gun.
  2. can somebody tell me how to post pictures? web page [ 02-20-2004, 06:17 PM: Message edited by: chukarhunter ]
  3. I haven't tried his yet, I am still waiting for him to take them apart, hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days, and you are right, it would probably only be a few ounces, but I would still like to go as light as possable, do you by any chance know how much a m1 super 90 weighs with a 26" barrel? I have been shooting a Winchester Model 12 featherweight, it was pretty light back when it was made, but I think we have come a long way since the 50's, I am not a weakling or anything, but when you are hunting Chukar, walking up and down those mountains for hours, you want to go as ligh
  4. Thanks for the reply, I don't have mine off yet, but it is a 7 round tactical, I think it just unscrews, but not sure, do you know? this is a m1 super 90, I would like to put a standard 4 round mag tube on it and start using it for Chukar hunting, I know you can buy standard mag tubes but don't know if they are alloy or steel. also do you know how much a m1 super 90 weighs with a 26" and a standard mag? any info would help. thanks,...Chukar hunter
  5. does anybody know if you can get a 4 round magazine in alloy, I know that they come in steel, but would like to find one a little lighter. any help would be great! thanks.
  6. I have a M1 super 90 with an extended alloy mag tube on it, I would like to change it to a field mag[ 3 or 4 round ] A friend of mine has a super 90 with an extended mag also, but he can take the end off changing it into a standard mag, but mine is all one piece. does anybody know if the standard mag tubes are steel or alloy? his is steel, but I would like alloy if possable, as I would like to keep this shotgun as light as possable, any info would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks
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