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  1. I don't think the stocks are interchangeable. I remember seeing somewhere on their website the receiver has been changed on the SBEII. If recoil bothers you, add the recoil reducer and a Simms Limbsaver to your SBE. I patterned many 3 1/2" shells last weekend with this setup and the recoil was negligible.
  2. I have had very similar results to Scott with my SBE and Briley Hevi-Shot choke (.675). But, in my gun the high velocity waterfowl loads patterned much better than the standard velocity loads. The waterfowl loads are 3 1/2" 1 5/8" oz #6 shot. [ 04-07-2004, 08:51 PM: Message edited by: southpawshooter ]
  3. I am happy to say that based on the advice here on this board I have taken the plunge and purchased a SBE in left hand. The prevailing opinions for shooting 3 1/2" magnum turkey loads is to install a recoil reducer and a Simms Limbsaver recoil pad. My question is what recoil reducer? Do most of you use the Benelli or do you prefer a different manufacturer or application (meaning a magazine cap reducer or both a stock and magazine cap reducer)? What about turkey chokes and loads? In general, how is your SBE decked out with aftermarket accessories? Thanks.
  4. tcrix - Your friend's stock that cracked - was it the forend on a SBE? Thanks
  5. 2 questions - 1) Does the Benelli recoil reducer fit into the wood stock as the stock comes? Can it be installed without a gunsmith or, is there some modifications or drilling? 2) I read somewhere that a shop has discontinued selling SBE's with walnut forends due to cracking. Anyone have experience, good or bad? Thanks
  6. Thanks M1014 - I haven't made my purchase yet as I am still researching options on the SBE right vs. left hand. consequently, no manual to view the process. I would like to hear from anyone that may have tried to reverse the safety. Is it as easy as it sounds?
  7. Thanks Wulf - I'll be looking forward to your response.
  8. Does Benelli make left hand slug barrels for the M1 and SBE? If not, are there aftermarket options and what are they?
  9. I saw a similar thread on the Nova and was wondering - I shoot left handed but have always shot right handed guns. I prefer (I think) the loading/unloading of a right handed gun over a left hand as the cartridge port is directly facing the shooter. Is the safety on the SBE or SBE II reversible? If not, is this something a gunsmith can change?
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