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  1. m1

    Recoil reducer

    does the mecurey reducer screw up the cycling action on a semiauto?? i have been hearing that anything too "heavy" added to a benelli will affect the inertia system. ****, holding ti lightly will casue it to jam. i would hate to think that a reducer systen would "soften" just enough for the bolt to jam in the same way as "limp shouldering". thier saying that even a sidesadel will cause jams. whats up?
  2. m1

    help with mag question?

    and thats the +2 extention on the M1 right? or is that a m3?, the pic is realy dark on my moniter....how did you get a heat shield on that? that must be a m3 since the m1's forearm would need to be modified to accpect a heat shield.
  3. ok. im looking to get a mag extention for a benelli M1S90 "TACTICAL". it has the 18.5 barrel. which +shot extention will fit flush(or close to it) with the end of the barrel? every idiot i talk to says a +4, but if you take the spring out and stack shells in the tube, there seems to be room for only 2 more(leaving a inch plus for the compressed spring). it has the factory 4 shot with the one extra round bring it to 5 now. the +2 would bring it to 7 which most 18" barrels can hold maximum. not to be erogant, but i have owned almost every modern tactical shotgun there is and i know how many r
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