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  1. maze51

    easy grip

    I am also interested. I think I will stop at my Benelli dealer this week and see if they could order one.
  2. Ran into one more problem, and it may just be my ignorance. On the threaded piece of the extention tube there is a extended piece that has a slot that could possibly be for a sling. The problem is when you slide the forearm on, the barrel has to go on next and you can't thread the extention piece on because the extended piece hits the barrel as you start to thread it. I am soooooo confused, it just can't be this complicated.
  3. Wulf thanks for your help, I thought that may be the way it went together, but what threw me was the end of the extention tube will be left open showing the little black cap with no cover. I'm surprised they designed it with no cap on the end. Thanks again
  4. I just bought the 4 shot mag extention for my SBE and I am having difficulty figuring out how the extention tube attaches to the original shell tube. One end of the extention is threaded and the other is not. I have done some extensive searches on this matter and have come up empty, I just discovered this forum site and hope someone can offer some help. My intention is to make a psudo quick conversion to an M-4 for home protection. Thanks for your input
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