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  1. rookie

    Scope Mount on M1

    Anyone has any experience mounting a scope on the Benelli M1? I don't want to drill and tap the gun. I see the B-square claims no gunsmithing required but can't figure out how's that possible !!! I heard that the cantilever is the best approach to mounting a scope on the shotgun.
  2. Hi, can someone tell me if a barrel for the M1 tactical super 90 would fit a regular M1 super 90. Just want to be sure. The barrel also has a front sight which looks elevated. Would this be a problem if I'm looking down the barrel without a rear sight?
  3. I noticed that the inside of the M1 barrel seems to show an uneven surface, almost like it's slightly flaking after firing some 2-3/4 slugs. I was wondering if this is normal with a new gun. I used both the Winchester and Challenger slugs.
  4. Ok, I tried shooting 2-3/4" and 3" slugs out of my M1 with a 28" barrel. At 20 yds, I was shooting more than 12" high. The kick surprise me. I really had to aim low (12") and hold on tight to get within 6" of the target. Buckshots also shot high but the 3" shells had a tighter group. Now, other than not having a scope or rifle choke, I was wondering if I was doing something wrong? I don't think I should be aiming that low and holding for dear life. I did shoulder the gun like a shot gun with my cheekbone on the stock, looking down the barrel. Maybe, I should have my head higher (to shoot lower) and not look down the barrel but above the barrel (assume a scope exist)? I'm pretty sure if I didn't hold tight, the gun will kick and shoot up (even on a rest). I used the IC choke for the slugs (recommended by Remington).
  5. I purchased my M1 for the purpose of goose hunting. However, I was wondering if shooting buckshot or slugs through the smooth bore barrel (28") is recommended (i.e. damage to the barrel or choke). Also, if the shot size will cause a problem. I think Benelli does offer rifled barrel but is there a cantilever barrel for the M1? I would hate to drill into the M1 just to add a scope. Just need to know as there is some deer opportunities prior to goose season.
  6. I just found out from another Benelli M1 owner that he avoids disassembling the bolt and trigger assembly. By disassemble, I mean further stripping after the assembly has being removed from the stock. For example, taking out the firing pin & spring from the bolt assembly. I just want to hear from other owners whether this is really a routine thing or it's never performed. Right now I'm clueless how to remove those retaining pins, as suggested in the manual. The manual says it's routine maintenance.
  7. Use acronym which are clearly mentioned in the parts list. If you go through any manual now, you will find terms mention which require some guessing. I'll agree with all of threeshot points, I'll add also, clearly show how to remove the retaining pins, for example for the firing pin, during disassembly. Also, I know they want to save money but put one manual for one gun. Right now, there's variance for North American, Europe, 12/20 guage, magazine extension, etc in the same manual. It's also not clear how to remove the rubber butt plate off the M1.
  8. Threeshot & djansma, you're all genius ... the bolt is off now ... now to continue the rest of the stripping ... Thank god I didn't have to use birddog advice ... by the way, the M1 just fires surperb, only problem is me ... just continue to shoot more I guess ... Again, thanks everyone for the advice ...
  9. Hi, my new M1 seems to have a stuck bolt handle. I'm trying to pull it off with a firm tug, as the instructions indicated, to strip the gun down. The bolt handle is stuck, any ideas ... I'm thinking I shouldn't fire the gun until I get this sorted out. Also, I wished that Benelli can improve their manuals, given the premium paid for these firearms.
  10. OK, thanks to everyone who replied to help clarify things. SBE is still looking good ... Yes, there's a big difference in price X2 is at $1000 Cdn and $1800 Cdn at one store!
  11. I just went to a Ducks Unlimited dinner. One of the DU guys mention that the X2 was a better gun than the SBE. I check the spec, it's hard to tell. The DU guy just indicate it shoots better and easier to clean. Anyone has any experience with the X2?
  12. Some may think I'm crazy to consider a Benelli as my first gun. I intend to hunt deer, turkey and geese. I've only hunted deer with crossbow. I've read this forum that SBE or M1 would do the trick. I still have some basic questions: - I assume I have to change the barrel for shooting (rifling) slugs for deer. Does anyone know the cost for the seperate barrel and is it a job which can be done safely. - Looks like both SBE and M1 comes with 5 chokes but not the turkey choke? - Finally, is the SBE just an overkill for the 1st gun. My only rational is that I wanted 1 multi-purpose gun without any headache (from a used gun).
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