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  1. I am shooting it through my SBE and it is awesome. I had best luck with #6 Hevi-Shot from Remington and Jellyhead Choke tube by Primos. They say it was designed around shooting hevi-shot. It sure is working well for me. I feel very confident out to 50 yards with this setup. good luck
  2. deercamp

    low and right

    Need Help My SBE shoots low and right about 6". I have had others shoot it and I have shot it while mounted in a good shooting vise. Consistently low and right. How do the little shims work, what is the purpose of these parts and are they difficult to change? PLEASE anyone help me figure out this low and right. THANKS [email protected]
  3. oh yea almost forgot i have my gun patterned with #6 hevi-shot. i feel safe jellyheading ole tom out to about 50 yards with this setup.
  4. Get your hands on one of the new Primos Jellyhead turkey tubes and I think you will be very happy. The key to patterning any choke and gun combo is to shoot at a large piece of cardboard aiming at the center of a 30" circle. I was having trouble with everyting I tried with my SBE until a friend help me with this little tip. My gun was consistently shooting low and right 6" but with a heckuva pattern. I resolved this with a set of high quality machined metal fully adjustable rifle sights made by Tru-Glo. Don't make the mistake of determining the effectiveness of a gun/choke mat
  5. I have a great set-up but this is obviously my opinion. I have the new Primos Gobbler Vest and it is loaded with Primos Lil' Heartbreaker Single Side Box. Primos Wing in the game pouch, Primos Power Crow, Primos Freak w/ Frictionite slate style call and Primos Power Crystal salte style call. I have a few mouth calls of differnet makes but prefer a great friction call. when the Freak was introduced last year it was a god send to be able to have a friction call I could use for the last few yards with minimal movement. I do a great job with the mouth calls while at home in the camp or dr
  6. Hello All, First time post I have one of the new Primos Jellyhead Turkey Chokes for my SBE and I am very happy with it. It will smoke a bird out to 50 yards with #6 hevi-shot. the only problem I have had, and it has been with every choke I have ever shot from this sbe, is that the gun consitently shoots low and right about 6 inches. I was unsure why but just decided to put a set of machined metal tru-glo sights on it, they are fully adjustable just like a good quality rifle sight. so far so good. I just bought the pistol grip stock and plan on installing it tomorrow, anyone have an
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