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  1. Hey we are having the same problem in Arkansas too. I just kept patient and finally got a Tom with a 12'' beard, got him at 45 yards with my Nova. He never made a sound until he got so close I could here him strutting.
  2. bigj

    SBE vs. franchi 912

    I shoot the Nova with 3.5'' so the SBE won't be a problem. Do you think the gas operated Franchi will have less recoil? I found 917 camo with 24'' barrel for 650.00 thats a pretty good deal but the benelli is still on my brain. I wish I could have both.
  3. bigj

    SBE vs. franchi 912

    Thanks for the info I just don't see the advantage of the sbeII though. I want the steady grip because I turkey hunt mainly and I know benelli is good quality because I have a Nova. But Franchi is part of the same company and I dont think Benelli is capable of making a shotty product. DECISIONS! DECSIONS! thanks for the input.
  4. Looking to buy either shotgun the Franchi is a little cheaper and I have heard nothing but good things about but I know how legendary the SBE is and I like the steady grip since it will mainly be used for turkey. Help me make my decision
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