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  1. Nick it really is that much louder. I always wear hearing protection and I notice the Db difference right away. There has been some very strong evidence that porting is very bad in terms of damage to one's hearing. The test were conducted by ESP. Let me pose another question, what does porting do for the shooter? Muzzle flip? hogwash
  2. Porting is really just snake oil in terms of reducing recoil. The little holes in the barrels only make the gun loud which really adds to shooter fatigue. The porting holes are also harder to clean. I like using my sporting guns for duck hunting as well. The porting would make the gun too loud for the duck blind.
  3. Today I got to handle the Sport II and my local range. I really liked the feel of the gun and I would have bought the gun right there if it wasn't ported. I was then told that all the Sport II barrels are ported. Is this true? Are the Supersport barrels ported as well? I hope Benelli hasn't decided to foolishly port all their Clays guns without leaving the buyer an option. Porting prevents me from buying Browning guns as well.
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