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  1. Yeah I don't shoot steel either...and I have no plans to out of this gun...I switched to Bismuth as soon as it came out and then to Tungsten and finally Hevi Shot when I am waterfowling...I haven't found and Hevi Loads that outperform the Winchester 3 1/2 lead so I will stick with these until I try the Nitro Hevi Loads.
  2. I think they changed them when Benelli USA started importing them instead of Heckler and Koch. I just sold mine and I got it in 1993 I think...and it was low rib, and had the black eagle emblem on the pistol grip.
  3. I haven't tried any Hevi Shot heavier turkey loads I can't seem to get any great patterns with my goose loads though I think the pellet count is too low they are 3 inchers 1 1/2 OZ #6's. I would like to try some Nitro Loads.
  4. Gooseblitz

    New SBE II

    I patterned it today...I made a post on the turkey forum.
  5. I took the new toy out for it's first run on the pattern board. It shoots a little high so I'm gonna change the shim but I shot the Rhino Hevi Shot choke.660 that is made for the Extrema. The old benelli chokes won't fit the new crio barrels, they are the same as the Extrema. at 13 yards it blew a hole about 2 1/2 inches wide the widest spread of the pattern was 7 inches wide and . The hole was about 2 inches high of my aim dot. Later snap shooting from 20 yards with gameloads and the regular crio chokes showed the the gun patterned a little high than I like about 100-0. I like them about 70-3
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