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  1. Damm right, I got pretty good at shooting and pulling back the reciever. I'll tell you after 1500 rounds it puts one **** of a bluster on your indext finger.
  2. I just got back from a great Duck, Goose, Dove, Pigeon & Pheasant hunt in Argentina. Out of the eight of us we had seven SBE Benelli's. I got my 2004 SBE II four days before the trip and was looking forward to breaking it in big time. The outfitter supplied us with Fiocchi Sporting 28g shells. The first day we found that five of the SBE's and two Browning would not cycle. The outfitter swore up and down that he had used thousands of Fiocchi shells and had only had problems with Bennelli guns. Well you can imagine that we had some pissed off hunters, but most of us kept an open mind. We planed to bring a box of Fiocchi shells back and test our guns with similar USA shells. Well on the way back to the USA in the Buenos Aires airport we run into the Benelli Staff and editor of Field and Stream Mag. who were just coming back from a field test of the new Benelli guns. Well one of the less polite and less successful members of our party jumped down there throat, which caused the rest of us to srink in embarrassment. We tried to apologize for our outspoken colleague, but it was to late. The munute we arrived home we took out our SBE's and loaded a USA shell the gun worked fine, three rounds cycled, we then loaded three Fiocchi shells and the gun jamed. mortal of the story: Don't spend $4,000 on a trip unless you know what shells the outfitter is using, and if there have been any problems with them. Again, I apologize to the staff and guest of Benelli for our friends out burst.
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